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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council


Glenelg Shire Council offers a comprehensive Arts Program.

The Glenelg Shire Council Arts Program presents a diverse series exhibitions each year in the Portland Arts Centre.

In addition, a range of exhibitions, specifically designed to display aspects of Council’s Cultural Collection, are presented annually in a number of different venues including the History House Portland and the Casterton Town Hall.

For further details of these exhibitions, go to

The exhibitions in the Portland Arts Centre are normally on display for four to six weeks, and predominantly feature the work of local artists. However, from time to time, the exhibition program is also supplemented by the work of artists from outside the region, or touring exhibitions, some of which focus on social history rather than visual arts.

There are two linked exhibition spaces available in the venue:

The main CEMA Gallery is a relatively large L-shaped area, which also functions as the Foyer of the venue.

The Woolcock Gallery, a smaller adjoining room, named after Collin & Dorothy Woolcock, can be used as an extension of the CEMA Gallery, or alternatively, can be used as a separate, lockable exhibition space.

Both galleries have track lighting and provision for the display of both 2-D and 3-D art works.

CEMA Gallery & Foyer
Floor space: 104 sq. metres Linear space: 26 metres

Woolcock Gallery
Floor space: 39 sq. metres Linear space: 22 metres

Artists wishing to present an exhibition of their work are welcome to submit expressions of interest to the Arts & Culture Manager: Susie Lyons
Phone: 5522 2263, Email: Susie Lyons

However, artists should note that the Portland Arts Centre is usually booked 12 months or more in advance.


Local Artist Impressions

The Portland Artist Society will provide an insight into what inspires their artwork in the South West region. “I love mood and colour to convey feelings of the area." "I love the fine lines of the smelter." "I try to create a sense of depth to draw the viewer in." "I like to promote the scenery, flowers and wildlife of our area."

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday March 21, 5.30pm
21 March – 17 April 2017


SW Coast

Artists - Bronwyn Razem (Geelong), Judy Spafford (Otways), Sue Ferrari (Princetown), Marion Manifold (Port Campbell), Jean Gleeson (Port Fairy), Liza McCosh (Warrnambool), and Carmel Wallace (Portland)
SW Coast – Eco and Cultural Resilience navigates the natural and cultural environment of Victoria’s South West Coast advocating eco and cultural resilience. The artists shared their knowledge via walks and residencies exploring environmental and cultural issues to ensure a greater understanding of our threatened coastal environment.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday April 18, 5.30pm
18 April – 26 May 2017



Artists – Jeanette Tollelr- Bond, Graeme Carbury, Jenny Ward, Christ Hetherington, Barb South, Heather Clark and Jenny Griffin
We combine core elements to create individual pieces that we hope engage, delight and inspire.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday May 30, 5.30pm
30 May – 7 July 2017


Mother and Daughter

Joy Schultz and Maree Gabriel
This is first time Joy and Maree have exhibited together and a is a celebration of the creative skills shared between mother and daughter.
This joint exhibition will share Joy’s painted artworks and Maree’s photographic pieces. Joy works in diverse in style, medium and subject matter, whilst Maree will share local scenes and flora and fauna within her photography work.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday August 29, 5.30pm
29 August – 15 September 2017



Rachel Joy
Cape Grim, Convincing Ground, Murdering Gully: geographical features bear the burden of our largely unacknowledged violent colonial past. These works don’t attempt to tell such stories but rather to reflect on them, as such, both the making and viewing of the artworks can be viewed as acts of mourning.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday September 19, 5.30pm
19 September – 13 October 2017


Vce Exhibition

The annual VCE exhibition provides an opportunity for Year 12 art students from Bayview College, Casterton Secondary College, Heywood & District Secondary College and Portland Secondary College to feature selected artwork. The exhibition is always notable for the impressive quality of the artwork, and for the diversity of the subject matter and media on display.
The students, assisted by their teachers and staff from the Portland Arts Centre, also take responsibility for hanging their work.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday October 17, 5.30pm
17 October – 10 November 2017


Dream and Aspirations

Dreams & Aspirations is a collective exhibition of works by artists with a disability that reside in the Glenelg Shire. This exhibition is a celebration of ability, dreams and aspirations that encourage people with a disability to express themselves through their art, whilst promoting a wider acceptance and participation in the arts community for people with a disability.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday November 14, 5.30pm
14 November – 8 December 2017


Oasis By The Sea

A walk through the Gardens

Opening in 1859, the Portland Botanic Gardens are one of the oldest in the state and are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. This display looks at various aspects of the gardens over the last 150 years including the curators and the 1858 curator’s cottage; the garden design; the islands and bridges at the rear of the garden’s reserve; sports in the gardens; and the Portland lifeboat. Also included is a small collection of vintage souvenirs, and a collection of 19th century ephemera documenting works in the gardens.

Portland Arts Centre
Exhibition Launch – Tuesday 11 December, 5.30pm
11 December 2017 - 26 January 2018

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