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Five Cruise Ships to Portland in 2017!

The new year will see three international cruise ship visits, with Europa 2 arriving on 2 January 2017. Sister ship Europa returns to Portland on 28 January. Both these ships will be carrying passengers who have flown in from Germany. These ships will carry approximately 500 passengers each with 300 crew; catering for an upmarket clientele. The Europa and Europa 2 are owned and operated by Hapeg Lloyd, and more information on the ships visit the Hapeg Lloyd website

The third international arrival Sirena travelling from America hits our shores on the 2 April. Elegant ship Sirena exudes a crisp and modern elegance. Recently refurbished, this is Sirena’s much-awaited inaugural season with Oceania Cruises. For further information on the ship, visit Oceania Cruises website

In between the international visits, P & O's Pacific Eden will arrive on 6 February and Pacific Jewel on the 12 February. These ships carry between 1,500 and 2,000 visitors each. For further information on the ships visit P and O's website

Portland The One For You - Cruise Ships

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