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Litter on the breakwater

Litter Prevention

Litter is uncontrolled waste that is deposited on our roads and streets, in our streets and in our parks, reserves and foreshore areas.

Litter is unsightly.
Litter is unhealthy.
Litter effects the world around us.
Litter costs us money.

Litter takes many forms, but is most often in the form of food packaging (paper and plastic), plastic bags and bottles of many sorts, cigarette butts and many more.

Apart from blowing around in the wind and being a general eyesore and nuisance, litter can cause severe environmental impacts when it eventually washes into our creeks, rivers and the ocean.

Some examples of environmental damage caused by litter are:
- Fish stomachs blocked by cigarette butts and filters.
- Fish and eels strangled by milk bottle rings.
- Whales with guts choked with plastic bags.

Litter in the form of plastic bags can also cause damage to boat engines by blocking cooling water inlets.

Plastic bait bags and shopping bags should never be left near fishing and boating areas because they will inevitably cause a problem.

Litter control and cleanup is expensive for both Council and the community.

The additional effort that must be made to control litter, especially plastic bags, requires time, people and money.

Council is actively working towards reduction of the use of plastic shopping bags in the community, as a first step in the war against litter.

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