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MEDIA RELEASE - Portland maintains status as premier whale watching destination

12 May 2017

With two Blue Whales spotted off-shore last week and two Southern Right whales caught playing in Bridgewater Bay; Portland continues to maintain its status as the whale watching capital of Victoria.

Glenelg Shire Council Mayor Cr Anita Rank said that the Glenelg Shire continued to attract high visitation from tourists due the uncapped potential for whale watching.

“Portland is a particularly unique destination for whale watching as we play host to both Southern Right whales and the iconic Blue Whales, which are of course the largest mammal on Earth,” she said.

“Portland is the only land-based area in Australia that you can see Blue Whales which is a huge drawcard for both tourists and locals alike.

“The best part is that whale season is all year round, with whales visiting the region across all seasons, so tourists can enjoy a glimpse of these majestic creatures no matter when they holiday or visit.

“Furthermore there are plenty of viewing platforms to provide a spectacular viewing experience for all. Some of the more popular whale-watching areas include Wade Street, Lee Breakwater, Nun’s Beach, Cape Nelson, Ploughed Field and Cape Bridgewater.”

The Portland Visitor Information Centre flies a yellow flag every time a whale sighting is recorded, in addition to updates on the Whalemail alert system ( which invites people to register to be provided with email notification when a whale is in local waters.

The Glenelg Shire also has a Whalemail Facebook page (@WhalemailPortland) which provides additional instant updates.

Cr Rank also reminded residents that the special interest number plates promoting Portland as the whale watching capital were still available for purchase.

“These number plates, which are produced in partnerships with VicRoads, include a picture of a whale with the banner ‘Portland – Whale Watching Capital’,” she said.

“This is providing our region with marketing unlike anything we have seen before, promoting Portland right across Australia. I encourage all local people to purchase a set of plates to assist in showcasing our region when they are on the road.”

To purchase a number plate contact Glenelg Shire Council’s customer service centres on 1300 GLENELG or email

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