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Disabled Person's Parking Permit

A statewide Disabled Parking Permit scheme currently operates in Victoria. The scheme has two categories with varying parking concessions, based on the applicants need for assistance.

There are two categories of permits available:
* Category 1 (Blue)
* Category 2 (Green)

Holders of Category One (Blue) permit :

Under category one, permit holders with significant intellectural or ambulatory disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to park a vehicle in a special bay reserved for people with a disability only, for the specified time only, or may park a vehicle in any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of any initial parking fee, if applicable).

Holders of Category Two (Green) permit:

Under category two, permit holders who require rest breaks when walking may park a vehicle in any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (upon payment of any initial parking fee, if applicable). The permit label should be carried by the permit holder when he/she is not being transported in a vehicle. Permits must not be left on display when the vehicle is not engaged in the process of transporting a permit holder. Category two, permit holders are permitted to park in a ordinary parking bay for twice the time limit indicated upon payment of the initial parking fee.

Note: Category two permit holders are not permitted to park in special disabled persons parking bays.

How to Apply:
Application forms are available from the Glenelg Shire Council Customer Service Centre or by downloading from the web (click on link below). Only permanent residents of the Glenelg Shire are eligible for a permit and the application form must be endorsed by a local medical practitioner or a clinical psychologist.

Upon Receiving a Permit:
The permit must be placed on the bottom left-hand side of the windscreen with the permit number and expiry date clearly displayed. A penalty can be incurred for unauthorised parking within a disabled zone.

Travelling Interstate:
Permits issued in Victoria may be used in all States and Territories, subject to local regulations being followed in each jurisdiction.

For further information contact GSC Customer Service Centre Portland, ph: 5522 2245.

The following documents can be dowloaded by clicking on the links below:
* Vicroads Disabled Persons Parking Scheme, July 2008 (Brochure).
* GSC Disabled Person's Parking Permit Application Form and Conditions of Use.

Disability Parking Permit Category One
Disability Parking Permit Category 1
Disability Parking Permit Category 2
Disability Parking Permit Category 2
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