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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council

Services Provided by Council

Council can offer support with activities of daily living such as:

Home Care

Home Care assists with a variety of essential and basic general household tasks, which may include:
• cleaning floor surfaces, vacuuming, mopping;
• cleaning bathroom facilities — toilet, bath, shower;
• dusting;
• cleaning kitchen surfaces;
• changing bed linen; and
• ironing and machine washing.

Other activities of daily living which may be provided, include:
• shopping;
• paying bills;
• banking; and
• preparation of meals;
• appointments etc.

This service is available Monday to Friday except for public holidays.

Personal Care

Personal Care services are provided to assist frail older people and people with disabilities with the personal tasks they would usually do for themselves but, because of illness, disability or frailty, are unable to manage on their own. These services include:

• showering and bathing;
• dressing and undressing;
• grooming, hair care, shaving (electric razor);
• toileting;
• assistance with eating, drinking, special diets; and
• escorted shopping and bill paying.
• Medication Prompt where stated on Care Plans and consent forms are signed.

Respite Care

If you are caring for a frail older person or a person with a disability, you may be able to receive Respite Care. This is when a trained worker looks after the person you care for while you have a break. Respite Care is generally available Monday to Friday and can be extended to weekend services based on assessed need.

Respite Care can be provided in the home or the person you are caring for can be taken out for an activity.
It can include:
• assistance with personal care for example, showering, dressing; and
• assistance with attending a program or home based activities such as exercise or social outing.

Food Services

(also referred to as Delivered Meals or Meals on Wheels)

If you are having difficulty preparing meals because of an illness or disability, this service can assist you by:
• providing a daily nutritional meal delivered to your home;
Where possible the service will try to cater for any special dietary requirements. Please advise if you are diabetic, vegetarian, or have any special needs.

Property Maintenance

(also referred to as lawn mowing)

This service can assist you by having someone come to your home to mow your lawns, whippersnip edges and trim ground level trees. This is a basic safety service and is not a lawn manicure service.

This service is provided on a monthly basis, Monday to Friday. The service is not provided on public holidays or total fire ban days. Where possible the service will be provided during the next available week.

Social Support Programs

(also referred to as Planned Activity Groups)

Social Support Programs provide you with the opportunity to participate in recreational, social and cultural activities run at a centre in your local area and/or outings to places of interest.

These programs are available Monday to Thursday and provide you with the opportunity to meet new friends and try new activities. It also provides carers with a break from their caring role.

Council operates two Social Support Programs:
Kurrajong in Portland and Riverwood in Heywood.

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