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C90 - Portland Industrial Land Strategy

What the Amendment does

The Glenelg Shire Council has prepared Amendment C90 to the Glenelg Planning Scheme.

The amendment proposes to implement the recommendations of the Portland Industrial Land Strategy including to rezone some land to a light industrial zone near sensitive uses, and in the central area of Portland removes industrial land to a Mixed Use Zone and General Residential Zone. In addition it applies the Development Plan Overlay (DPO) over three precincts to manage new development.

Draft Development Plans have been prepared for each of the precincts and are included below as reference documents. The draft Development Plans do not form part of the amendment documents.

Land affected by the Amendment

The land affected by the amendment is within three Industrial Precincts in Portland.

Precinct 1 is the industrial area north of Portland. This area is bounded by Wilsons Road to the South, School and Lightbodys Road to the west, Westlakes Road to the north, and the Henty Highway/Ring Road to the east.

Precinct 3 is in central Portland situated from Browning Street in the west through to New/Percy Street in the east in the industrial, and commercial (fronting Hurd Street) areas. It is bounded by Garden Street to the north, and Francis and Hedditch Streets to the south, including the land in the industrial zone south of Fern Street.

Precinct 4 is the industrial and vacant land located west of Madeira Packet Road.

Where can I view the Amendment?

The amendment documentation is available below for download or for inspection during office hours at:
• Glenelg Shire Council, Cliff Street, Portland VIC 3305

The amendment can also be inspected at:

• the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website at

Council resolved at its meeting on 25 June 2019 to adopt the amendment. The amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning and was gazetted on 12 September 2019.

Panel Report 18 April 2019

Adopted Development Plans
Portland North Industrial Precinct Development Plan
Madeira-Packet Employment Precinct Development Plan
Central Portland Employment Precinct Development Plan

Further information

For further enquiries about this amendment please contact:

Jacob Clements in the Planning Unit on 03 5522 2187 or via email to

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