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MEDIA RELEASE - Regional partnerships back in Portland

25 July 2019

Regional leaders from industry, business and government have been provided a snapshot of the Glenelg Shire Council’s key strategic and economic strengths as part of the latest Great South Coast Regional Partnership tour.

The State Government led working party, which includes the great south coast’s five councils covering the Shipwreck Coast to the South Australian border, visited the shire over two days this week undertaking site visits to locations including the Port of Portland and Alcoa.

The working group meets bi-monthly, in various regional locations acting as a think tank and direct voice to government on matters of regional significance, such as economic growth, decentralisation, health, transport, environment, education and training.

Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Anita Rank said council was proud to be able to share its regional narrative first-hand.

She noted that a previous regional assembly visit in October 2017, headlined by Premier Daniel Andrews and hosted as a result of the partnership, had been one of the biggest in the state featuring more than 300 delegates which had translated to additional road funding and investment at South West TAFE.

“The shire has built a strong reputation of providing a great regional showcase for these visiting delegates, who have a direct voice back to government which will result ultimately in new investment, and importantly policy support for our region, and more broadly regional Victoria,” she said.

“Economic diversification and decentralisation are at the forefront of our work and we were proud to be able to show how we are using our strategic strengths, such as the Port of Portland and power grid infrastructure to attract new investment, creating more local jobs.

“We are extremely proud of the almost $1.5 billion worth of economic activity which is forecast for our shire, largely driven by the booming renewables sector and investment in new agriculture product and innovation in aquaculture.

“Blue sky thinking is at the heart of our 10-year plan to attract more enabling infrastructure, with investment needed in our key arterial roads, rail and digital infrastructure whilst growing our education and training opportunities.”

Cr Rank said growing the visitor economy and digital connections led the assembly conversation.

“A key theme for this region is enabling growth in our tourism sector. We have a great opportunity with the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape receiving UNESCO World Heritage listing in the past month and the next steps to enable and sustain this growth, working together as a region, were a key-focus on the agenda,” she said.

“Furthermore, how we can use these attractions to strengthen our arts and culture sector, forming the new regional creative industries strategy, were pivotal talking points as part of the regional planning session.”

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