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MEDIA RELEASE - Rank welcomes Green Triangle Timber Action Agenda

30 September 2019

Plans to grow an additional 200 million plantation trees totaling $1 billion of new Green Triangle timber investment have been praised by Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Anita Rank, highlighting it as a major step towards growing a sustainable and innovative fibre sector.

Attending the launch of the region’s first 10-year timber strategy, the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub Industry Action Agenda, Cr Rank signaled the strategy would form the foundations for a united and waste-less future.

“This first of its kind decade-long agenda provides the formula to unlock more investment, local jobs, and renewable innovation for our valuable forestry sector,” Cr Rank said.

“Timber is the lifeblood to many of our Green Triangle communities. It also plays a vital role in the nation’s economy and this new plan provides a blueprint for long-term prosperity and sustainable growth ensuring every inch of the tree harvested is utilised.

“This plan provides the important steps towards making the Green Triangle a centre of excellence in timber, creating avenues for education, innovation and new technologies to not only make us a timber hub of Australia, but to attract global attention.”

Launched on Monday night, the action agenda earmarks plans to plant 20 per cent of the Federal Government’s total national timber target as part of the Growing a Better Australia plan, across 150,000 hectares of land within the Green Triangle over the next decade.

The plan is the result of nine timber companies, both large and small, collaborating to grow the region’s forestry and wood fibre industries for future generations.

The plan highlights that the region’s highly skilled workforce, fertile soils and high rainfall provide a formula for this growth, with a shift towards developing higher value products and emphasis on generating circular economies to value-add add and improve environmental outcomes.

Cr Rank said the Green Triangle Freight Action Committee recognised that more investment in roads and key freight infrastructure was needed to realise the plans objectives.

“Our Green Triangle Freight Action Committee has shown united cross border collaboration is critical to attracting investment and building the entire value chain, providing greater efficiencies in reaching export and domestic markets,” Cr Rank said.

“Our committee will continue to advocate and work with government to ensure sensibly planned investment to deliver this important growth strategy.

“Cross border harmonization is critical in this strategy. We need policies and regulations which wipe out the border lines and make it easier to do business and move freight, not inhibiting supply chains.

“Larger, safer trucks are a reality and smart technologies, such a driverless automated vehicles, need to be considered as part of the vision.”

To learn more about the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub Industry Action Agenda visit

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