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Blackberry control

Blackberry is regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts.

Blackberry has invaded riverbanks, roadsides, pastures, orchards, plantations, forests and bushland throughout temperate Australia. Blackberries can reduce pasture production, restrict access to water and land, and provide food and shelter for pest animals such as foxes. Successful control of blackberries requires a combined effort by both public and private landowners. Further information on blackberry control can be found in the Weeds of National Significance - Blackberry Control Manual (

Blackberries and other fruits should never be picked from roadsides for eating purposes. All roadside vegetation is subject to contamination from vehicle emissions, and depending on the season, may have been sprayed with herbicide by a weed contractor as fruiting season is an optimal time for herbicide control.

We also seek to minimise public risk by requiring that all weed contractors place signage in areas where weed spraying has been carried out during the fruiting season. Please note, council and contractors cannot prevent the unauthorised removal of these signs.

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