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MEDIA RELEASE - Green Triangle welcomes digital investment into road safety

6 December 2017

The Green Triangle Freight Action Committee have welcomed the new digital investment into the Victorian road network, heralding it as an opportunity to ensure ongoing road safety.

The State Government and VicRoads recently announced an overhaul of state-wide road management, including a new online information platform for drivers.

As part of the platform, community members can access real time information on road upgrades, pot-hole repairs and other maintenance efforts on road networks.

Green Triangle Freight Action Committee chairperson Cr Karen Stephens said the new digital dashboard was an innovative step in the right direction in overcoming long standing road issues in the region.

“This new website will provide greater transparency about our local road conditions, as well providing current data for drivers on road works and maintenance programs that affect their local commute,” she said.

“From truck drivers, to parent’s driving their children to school; this website will ensure all members of our community can be informed on what is being done to improve their local commute.

“It is a positive step in providing a modern, informative and consistent service for all of our regional road users.”

Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Rank also welcomed the digital overhaul and stated that the council would continue to advocate for further funding for the Green Triangle region.

“We will work closely with the State Government and VicRoads to identify new strategies to address the state of our road networks and ensure the safety of all drivers in our region,” she said.

“We have been fortunate in securing $80 million of funding from our highly successful ‘Fix our Key Freight Roads’ campaign, upgrading key freight routes such as the Princes Highway and Henty Highway.

“However in order to sustain the predicted growth in our timber harvest and other exports, ongoing lobbying is still as important as ever.”

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