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MEDIA RELEASE - Outback truckers to film at Heywood

19 February 2019

The Heywood Truck and Ute Show will be broadcasted on screens across the world as popular Australian reality TV series Outback Truckers has confirmed it will be filming the event as part of an upcoming episode.

Presenter Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall from Outback Truckers will appear at The Heywood Truck and Ute Show, which takes place as part of the Wood, Wine and Roses festival on 23 February, with the reality program filming his guest appearance.

Outback Truckers has aired across the Seven Network since 2012 and focuses on selected truck drivers and the challenges they face on Australia’s rural highways. The show has been broadcasted internationally and has most recently been picked up by streaming giant Netflix for its American viewers.
Heywood Truck and Ute Show event organiser Lindy Annett described the news as “sensational”.

“It is just fantastic to have our Truck and Ute Show featured as part of the Outback Truckers series, the exposure the show will give not only our event, but Heywood itself, will be unparalleled,” she said.

“Yogi appeared at the event last year and confirmed he would return again, however when we received the news that he will be bringing the television crew with him this time we were ecstatic, it is the best outcome we could have ever hoped for.

“Fans of the show will be all too familiar with Yogi and the many fascinating stories behind Kendall Trucking, however even if you haven’t seen Outback Truckers I encourage you to come down and meet Yogi and learn just how the Australian trucking industry operates.

“The Heywood Truck and Ute show has grown from a small side attraction to a nationally recognised event and we hope that this international publicity will further help to promote our event and the Wood Wine and Roses festival, as well as the important role that our trucking industry plays for south-west Victoria.”

The Heywood Truck and Ute show will open from 7am, with competition judging commencing at 11am on 23 February at the Wood, Wine and Roses festival in Edgar Street Heywood. The show offers truck drivers a chance to display their vehicles and compete for prizes across various categories.

For further information on the event please visit the Heywood Truck and Ute Show Facebook’s page.

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