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MEDIA RELEASE - Persistence pays off for Tania

20 June 2019

Hard work and determination has paid off for a young driver in Casterton who has become the latest graduate of the Glenelg L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program.

Tania Mutch has successfully obtained her probationary driver’s licence after completing 120 hours of supervised driving practice through the support of the Glenelg L2P Program.

Tania, who has been involved with the L2P Program since February 2018, credited her participation in the program in helping her achieve her goal of becoming a confident licenced solo driver.

“I would not have reached the required 120 hours of driving that I needed without the help of the L2P program and my volunteers mentors,” she said.

“I only had roughly five hours of driving before I started the program, which shows how hard it is to build up the hours that are needed. Once I started on the program I was quickly back on the road and working the hours up which made it a lot less stressful.”

Tania also noted the support of her volunteer mentors throughout her L2P journey.

“It can be daunting learning how to drive and all the responsibilities that come with it, but with the help of my volunteer mentors I became a more confident driver. My mentors kept me calm and explained instructions in a way that can be clearly understood,” she said.

“I think any eligible learner drivers struggling to reach their 120 of supervised driving practice should try the L2P program. The program is extremely valuable, especially for our small community in Casterton, allowing young drivers more chances to get on the road and build the experience that they need to become a capable solo driver.”

The Glenelg L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is delivered by council in partnership with VicRoads through TAC funding. The program provides eligible learner drivers aged 16 and under 21 years of age with the opportunity to gain driving practice and reach the mandatory 120 hours of driving with volunteer mentors.

The program is currently available in Portland, Heywood and Casterton.

To learn more, or to submit an application, visit the Your Say Glenelg website at or contact L2P program coordinator Rachel Brough on 0466 149 341.

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