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MEDIA RELEASE - KMC gets 'sparkled'

17 October 2019

Casterton’s youngest were ‘sparkled’ with kindness and acceptance this week as part of a unique author visit.

Ali Villani, author of popular children’s book Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn, visited the Kathleen Millikan Centre (KMC) as part of her nation-wide book tour.

Based on Ali’s personal life, the book follows a story of a unicorn who was teased at school for being different, losing her sense of self and the things that made her smile; however, she quickly learns to be proud of who she is. The book seeks to reinforce the impact of bullying, as well as the importance of ‘being yourself’ from an early age and embracing each other’s differences.

Acting Glenelg Shire Children’s Services Manager Miryam Franjic said it was both a colourful and inspiring morning for all involved.

“We were delighted to welcome Ali to the KMC this week to help sprinkle kindness throughout our rooms,” she said.

“Ali’s chief aim is to encourage young people to embrace their shiny sparkly ingredients and address bullying by talking about the importance of kindness.

“We had a wonderful time discussing how to be brave, bold and most importantly ourselves. Ali taught the children about the seven rings of kindness, which match the seven colours of the rainbow, with the rings symbolising values such as being helpful, kind, friendly and giving lots of smiles to others.

“It was an incredibly powerful and informative session, with plenty of laughter from the children as they learned to embrace their own ‘sparkles’. We thank Ali for visiting us as part of her tour and we hope to see Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn continuing to share her message with childcare centres, kindergartens and schools across Australia.”

Ali the Sparkly Unicorn also visited Merino Consolidated School before leaving the region for her next book visit.

For further information on Ali the Sparkly Unicorn please visit the book’s official website.

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