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MEDIA RELEASE - Green waste collection given the green thumb of approval

27 February 2020

A green waste collection service will be offered in the Glenelg Shire following a historic vote at the February monthly council meeting supporting the sustainable recycling practice.

Councillors unanimously endorsed the addition of a FOGO service which involves the collection of household food and garden waste which is then processed at a waste composting facility.

Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Anita Rank said a survey in December 2018 identified an overwhelming support from residents for a FOGO service, with 90 per cent of the 912 submissions received in favour of its introduction of a FOGO.

In addition, she said the service remained the most suggested waste service from community members and had been noted as a priority during consultation forums.

“FOGO provides an opportunity for both council and the community to be smarter with waste and we are excited to announce this historic expansion which will further cement our position as a sustainable community,” she said.

“Currently over 50 per cent of household waste in the Glenelg Shire that goes to landfill is food organics, which is an alarming trend and a missed opportunity to make the most of a valuable resource.

“Instead of sending this waste to landfill, residents will soon be able to put their household scraps and green clippings in their third bin, which will then be made into high quality compost.”

Cr Rank said the additional service was a timely decision following recent announcements to the state’s recycling and waste systems.

“The State Government has confirmed there will be a staged overhaul to the way in which we recycle and dispose of items, which will alter council’s responsibilities. This includes the launch of a container deposit scheme and a four bin kerbside collection service,” she explained.

“In addition to these changes, the State Government have also announced that it will be increasing the landfill levy.

“In light of these announcements, it is more relevant and practical than ever to be on the front foot and to introduce services such as FOGO to our community.

“Diverting organics from landfill to compost will ensure that the financial burden of an increased landfill levy costs is minimised, in addition to encouraging environmentally responsible disposal of food and green organics.”

Cr Rank confirmed there were also further plans to help reduce the shire’s environmental footprint.

“The introduction of a FOGO kerbside collection service forms the first stage of a two-stage plan to further reduce waste collection costs and environmental impacts,” she said.

“A future plan to introduce a composting infrastructure for in-house management of organics waste is also being considered. This would provide a further cost saving for council, as well as reducing waste to landfill and potentially allowing community members to access cheaper local compost,” she said.

Introduction of the FOGO service will be implemented under council’s current waste services contract and will be collected on a fortnightly basis to ensure minimal disruption to residents.

The service is proposed to take effect in the new financial year, with further information, including expected costings, to be delivered to residents prior to rollout.

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