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Anzac Day volunteers


Volunteers are involved in the delivery of many programs in the areas of emergency services, education, youth, sport, recreation, arts and culture. Roles in volunteering can take many forms ranging from highly structured roles in organisational settings through to participation in informal activities.

Volunteering is an essential resource that brings significant economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts to individuals and organisations, which bring positive benefits to the entire community. Volunteering also benefits individual health and wellbeing, by helping them achieve personal objectives, build positive skills and relationships, as well as provide them with a sense of belonging and valued.

Glenelg Shire Council acknowledges that volunteering plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals, facilitating active community participation and building inclusive and resilient communities in which we can all flourish.

Council’s commitment to the local volunteering sector has been previously demonstrated by the establishment of the Volunteer Advisory Committee in 2011, and the GSC Volunteer Strategic Plan 2011-2014.

On Tuesday 23 June 2015, Council endorsed and adopted the Glenelg Shire Council Volunteer Action Plan 2015-2016.

This Plan was developed in partnership with the Volunteer Advisory Committee and in consultation with the Glenelg Shire community, and outlines how Council intends to promote, support, and recognise the local volunteer sector, both within its own internal programs and the broader community.

The one year Volunteer Action Plan 2015-2016 is designed to achieve outcomes in the following focus areas;
1. Spontaneous Emergency Volunteering
2. Volunteer Management
3. Building Volunteer Networks
4. Promoting the Benefits of Volunteering
5. Measuring the Impact of Volunteering

National Relay

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment you can call through the National Relay Service (NRS):
• TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 1300 453 635
• Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 1300 453 635
• Internet relay users connect to the NRS then ask for 1300 453 635

Volunteering Resource
Volunteering Warrnambool provides online support and advice to volunteers and Not-For-Profit Community Organisations to the Great South Coast region.

To help find volunteers or volunteering opportunities, you can register on Volunteering Warrnambool's website by contacting Kay Porter on phone: 03-5559 4919 or send an email to Kay. Please note, registering community organisations need to be insured.

For more information on volunteering please refer to the State Volunteering Victoria websites.

National Student Volunteer Week is 3 - 9 August 2015

National Student Volunteer Week

The week aspires to challenge and celebrate young people who are striving to make a change through volunteering. Check out the website link below for further information

Young People and Volunteering: A Series of Tip Sheets

These tip sheets provide information for community organisations and groups to better enable them to involve young people as volunteers.

The topics covered include:

•Being a youth ready organisation
•Creating volunteer roles for young people that are meaningful and have appropriate levels of responsibility
•Managing and supporting young volunteers including peer-to-peer supervision with young volunteers supervising and supporting other volunteers
•Using social media to engage, support and recognise young volunteers
•Involving young people from diverse cultural backgrounds as volunteers with your organisation
•Involving young people with disabilities as volunteers with your organisation
•Some of the legal considerations to be aware of in relation to youth volunteering
The series also includes information sheets for young people about volunteering and how to get started as a volunteer as well as an information sheet for parents about youth volunteering.

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