Bushfires are a major risk threatening life and property in Victoria. There are a number of ways you can prepare your family and property to minimise a bushfire's impact and give you peace of mind throughout the fire season.

Bush Fire Place of Last Resort - Neighbourhood Safer Place 

Glenelg Shire Council has designated a number of locations as Neighbourhood Safer Places.

Fire Danger Ratings

The Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one started.  It helps you to know when conditions are dangerous enough to put your bushfire survival plan into action. Ratings are forecast using Bureau of Meteorology data for up to four days in advance, based on weather and other environmental conditions such as fuel load. The rating is your prompt to take action to stay safe. For more information you can visit the CFA.

Total Fire Bans

Fire Danger Ratings are forecast for four days and a Total Fire Ban is declared by CFA on days when fires are likely to spread rapidly and could be difficult to control. If a district has not been declared a Total Fire Ban, fire restrictions may still apply for each municipality. Total Fire Bans are normally declared by 5pm on the day before a ban but can be declared or revoked at any time. Always check for the latest updates.

See what you can and can’t do on days of Total Fire Ban you can visit the CFA.

Weather Districts

Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban days are declared based on weather districts.Map showing weather districts

Glenelg Shire Council is in the South West Weather District.