Request Property Ownership Details (Fences)

The Fences Act 1968 (Part 1, Section 9) requires that any person desiring to compel any other person to construct or join in or contribute to the construction of a dividing fence may serve a notice on the other person to fence.

Disputes involving dividing fences are the most common disputes dealt with at the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. The rights and responsibilities of the parties are contained in the Fences Act 1968. This Act is not administered by Council however you can obtain further information from the external web links listed at the bottom of this page.

Council can provide property owner’s names and address details if requested by fencing contractors or neighbouring owners to allow for a shared cost in the erection of the fence or a repair to a damaged fence. The Request for Information Form must be completed and signed prior to the property owner information being provided for fencing purposes.

Following the completion of the 'Request for Information to be Disclosed Form', which can include property owner information, it should be delivered or sent to one of our customer service centres in Casterton, Heywood or Portland.