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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council

Mayor & Councillors 2020 - 2024

The Glenelg Shire Council was established by an Order-in-Council under the Local Government Act 1989, published in the Victorian Government Gazette S63 on 23 September 1994. Three councils were amalgamated, the City of Portland and the Shires of Glenelg and Heywood, to form the new Glenelg Shire.

Electoral Structure of Glenelg Shire Council:
By order in Council made under Section 220Q(j) and (n) of the Local Government Act 1989, Glenelg Shire Council is re-constituted as an unsubdivided municipal district and the number of Councillors assigned to the Council is fixed at 7.

Contact with Councillors

Your councillors represent you. You can contact Councillors via the details provided further below via phoning or emailing them, or writing to them at Glenelg Shire Council, PO Box 152, Portland Vic 3305.

For further enquiries relating to Councillors or to make an appointment with the Mayor or Councillors, please contact the Executive Assistant Paige Kliese on 03 5522 2520 or email

Mayor Cr Anita Rank
Mob: 0408 276 563

Deputy Mayor Cr Karen Stephens
Mob: 0488 900 645

Cr Michael Carr
Mob: 0437 788 034

Cr Chrissy Hawker
Mob: 0428 618 760

Cr Scott Martin
Mob: 0437 755 463

Cr Jayden Smith
Mob: 0437 866 211

Cr Gilbert Wilson
Mob: 0488 900 634

Cr Anita Rank - Mayor 2020/21

Cr Rank

Cr Rank was elected to the Glenelg Shire Council in 2012 and held the position of Mayor for four consecutive years (one full Council Term) 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. Cr Rank's re-election to Mayor for 2020/2021 makes Cr Rank the first Glenelg Shire Councillor to serve as Mayor for a fifth consecutive term.

Cr Rank lives in Portland and is actively involved in a number of community organisations including Headspace Portland, Active Health Portland and Portland District Health.

Cr Rank holds a Bachelor of Physical Education and Health, Diploma of Education; Certificate IV in Governance and is currently undertaking a Masters in Politics and Policy.

Current Councillor representative on the following external Committees:
Rail Freight Alliance (Chair); Committee for Portland; Great Ocean Road Marketing; Great South Coast Group; Green Triangle Region Freight Action Plan Implementation Planning Committee; Municipal Association of Victoria.

Cr Karen Stephens - Deputy Mayor 2020/21

Cr Stephens

Cr Karen Stephens was elected to the Glenelg Shire Council in March 2002 and served as Mayor in 2004/2005 and 2012/2013.

Cr Stephens is married to Owen Stephens, has six children and six grandchildren. Cr Stephens has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1985 and commenced her own company when moving to Casterton in 1992.

Over the year’s Cr Stephens has been involved in several regionally significant projects - chairing the review by Australian National University of Land Use Change in the Green Triangle Region and Barwon South West Women's Forum for Climate Change and is current Chair of the Green Triangle Freight Action Plan Implementation Committee who have successfully advocated and achieved over $190mil for road funding in the region.

Cr Stephens is heavily involved in the Casterton community as a volunteer through a number of different organisations and is a founding member of the Casterton Kelpie Association. Karen has spent many years developing the now nationally and internationally renowned Australian Kelpie Muster which is held on the Queen's Birthday weekend each June and was a driving force behind the development of the now completed Australian Kelpie Centre in Casterton.

Current Councillor representative on the following external Committees:
Budj Bim Sustainable Development Partnership Leadership Group; Green Triangle Regional Plantation Committee; Green Triangle Region Freight Action Plan Implementation Planning Committee; National Timber Councils Taskforce Inc and Timber Towns Victoria (Chair).

Cr Michael Carr


Cr Michael Carr was elected for his first Council term in November 2020. Cr Carr is a lifelong Portland local of 35 years and grew up on the family farm. Cr Carr completed his education at local schools. Cr Carr is married to Carly and the proud father to three young sons.

Cr Carr has a strong understanding of the local industry. Cr Carr was employed at Portland Aluminium for over ten years, working his way from a graduate position to Area Superintendent level before taking up his current role as Infrastructure Manager at the Port of Portland. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and has also completed leadership and Directorship courses with renowned Australia institutes.

Cr Carr enjoys family camping adventures, football, tennis, water-skiing, basketball, and volunteering within the community. Cr Carr is a member/affiliated with numerous organisations, including the Portland Football Netball Club; Portland Auskick; Bridgewater Lakes Aquatic Club; Portland Lawn Tennis Club; Portland Basketball Association; Future Leaders of Industry; and
United Way Glenelg – Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Cr Carr has a passion for sport and recreation, infrastructure projects, education attainment levels of our youth, employment retention and generation, equality within the community, growth in the regions tourism, road and rail improvements, and elimination of rubbish in public reserves.

Cr Chrissy Hawker

Cr Hawker

Cr Chrissy Hawker was first elected to Council in October 2016 and was appointed Deputy Mayor for the 2019/2020 Mayoral year.

Cr Hawker was born in Portland and raised three children whom still live and work in Portland. Cr Hawker's mother, brother and sister still live in Portland. Cr Hawker has been in business for 30 years running several small businesses and assisting others and members of the community in administrative roles.

She was the CEO of Hamilton Harness Racing for 5 years, the Operations Manager of the South West Football Netball League for 18 years, of which she is also a life member, and since 2001 is the Administrator of the Portland Cemetery. She is the owner/operator of Portland Business Services and Tangles Hair and currently also works within the hospitality industry. Cr Hawker holds a diploma in Sports Management and has received Life Membership, an AFL Recognition of Service Award and numerous Sports Administrator of the Year Awards. Cr Hawker is also a proud member of the Tyrendarra Football Netball Club.

Cr Hawker is a Community Corrections Supervisor for the Justice Department and is passionate giving people “that second chance”” and making a difference. Cr Hawker's hobbies include all of the above, but she also loves time out in her craft room and looking after her only granddaughter.

Cr Hawker's areas of interest and professional knowledge are in sport, solutions to tackling (ICE) methamphetamines, Community Service, Tourism, Time management and "a cool head in crisis situations", with a willingness to provide assistance to the general public.

Cr Scott Martin

Cr Martin

Cr Scott Martin was elected to Glenelg Shire Council for his first Council term in 2020. Cr Martin is originally from Adelaide, having moved to the Glenelg Shire over a decade ago with his partner Deb to undertake ownership of the Bridgewater Bay Café. Cr Martin was, and still is, very much attracted to the country and coastal lifestyle, as well as the potential our Shire offers.

Cr Martin started his family here in Portland, and is the proud father of one daughter. During his time in the Shire, he and his family established a second business in Heywood known as the Goat and Tree Café.

Hobbies and interests of Cr Martin's include all types of sport, particularly AFL, cricket and more recently golf; information & technology; a drive to learn, discuss and debate various topics.

Cr Martin is an avid member of the Portland Tourist Association, as well as the South Portland Cricket Club and Portland Golf Club.

Having operated and grown business in the hospitality and tourism sectors, Cr Martin has a strong understanding of these sectors however acknowledges that these industries are ever-changing and therefore you never stop learning. Cr Martin brings a wealth of knowledge to Council through his previous employment and studies in IT, politics, psychology, marketing, sales, statistics, economics and mathematics.

Cr Jayden Smith

Cr Smith

Cr Jayden Smith joins Council as one of the youngest Councillors in Glenelg Shire's history. Cr Smith was born in the Portland hospital in mid September 1994 and has been living in Portland since.

Cr Smith is the son of well known local Mark Smith, who has driven his strong passion in all things mechanical. Cars are a huge passion of Cr Smith's which has resulted in his interest in areas such as roads and road safety.

Cr Smith is currently establishing a new business venture Component vehicle enhancements, which specialises in car detailing and other car care services. In his spare time, Cr Smith enjoys fixing old relics from days gone by as well as renovating his first home in Cashmore.

Cr Smith was recently appointed member of the Cashmore fire brigade, after having recently become a Cashmore
resident as it was paramount for him to be able to provide assistance to his neighbours and keep the local area safe. Cr Smith is also a member of Glenelg shire's own L2P program as a driver mentor, with this program offering young drivers (16-21yo) on their L plates the opportunity to gain the valuable hours to obtain their drivers licence and learn to drive safely.

Cr Smith is passionate about helping others and believes as a Councillors he now has the opportunity to help a wide variety of people in our beautiful area. Other areas of interest for Cr Smith are roads and manufacturing, deriving from his time spent with cars and formerly working at Portland Aluminium. Cr Smith is an advocate for both Australian made and environmental sustainable products. Cr Smith places great importance on having a balanced approach in the execution of his ideas and interests.

Cr Gilbert Wilson

Cr Wilson

Cr Gilbert Wilson was elected to the Glenelg Shire Council in March 2002 and served as Mayor in 2006-2007; 2009-2010 and 2011-2012. Former Councillor with City of Portland from December 1987 to August 1991.

Cr Wilson is a fifth generation Portland resident born in 1961. Married to Hilary Thorpe. He has four children and six grandchildren.

Cr Wilson has an active interest in expanding the Shire's renewable energy resources, including the return of usage of geothermal energy.

Community Service: Current Member of the Portland Uniting Church. Past administrator and life member of the South West District Football-Netball league. Past administrator, referee, player and life member of the Portland Basketball Association.

Current Councillor representative on the following External Committees:
Glenelg Southern Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network and Rural Councils Victoria.

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