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Planning Permits
Prior to lodging a planning application, applicants should consider the minimum standards of information required by Council.

Advertised Planning Applications

An advertised planning application is a planning permit lodged with Council that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments / objections can be submitted for consideration.

Click on the link below to view the advertised planning permit applications.
Current Planning Applications on Notice

You may need a Planning Permit if you are proposing to:

  • Open a new business;
  • Construct a house/s;
  • Construct a garage/carport/shed;
  • Erect and display signs;
  • Industrial or commercial buildings and site works;
  • Any external alterations on a building, and internal alterations on select buildings, within our Heritage Overlays;
  • Subdivide land and/or buildings; and
  • Remove or lop native vegetation, such as native trees, shrubs and grasses, including dead native trees.

Minimum Information Required

  • Application Form (for Google Chrome users, right click on the hyperlink and 'Save link as...') or Vicsmart Form
  • Current and full copy of title (including title plan) and details of any Agreements, Restrictive Covenants, Caveats or other restrictions on the title. NOTE: This title must have been searched within the three (3) months prior to submitting the application. Refer to the section below more information on obtaining a title.
  • Full payment of appropriate application fee Click Here for fee schedule
  • Prior to gaining a planning permit, you must find out if a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. Please provide a “Cultural Heritage Management Plan” form completed and signed where the land is shown as fully or partially affected by an area of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity shown on a planning property report. Click here for more information and the CHMP Self Assessment tool.
  • For detailed proposals include a covering letter/submission detailing what is proposed and any relevant history of the site.
  • A copy of your Bushfire Management Statement (where applicable if the site is under a Bushfire Management Overlay).
  • A copy of clear and properly drafted Site Layout and Elevation Plans – generally at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200. For larger sites a scale of 1:500 may be appropriate. All measurements should be in metres or millimetres. It is preferred that digital versions of plans are submitted via email to

Completed Planning Permit Applications can be submitted to Council:

By email

NOTE: by submitting your application by email you consent to receiving correspondence relating to the application via email. Documents relating to the application will be forwarded to the email address provided on the application form.

By Mail
Glenelg Shire Council
PO Box 152
Portland VIC 3305

In Person
At the Portland, Casterton & Heywood Customer Service Centres

If you have any queries regarding the information required, or wish to book a pre-application meeting, please contact Council's Planning Department on 5522 2187 or email to set up an appointment.

Planning Permit Application

Click here (for Google Chrome users, right click and 'Save link as...') to download, complete and sign a Planning Permit application (standard application).

VicSmart Planning Permit Application

The VicSmart system streamlines the planning process for straightforward planning permit applications.
Some applications will qualify as a Vicsmart application under the Glenelg Planning Scheme.
**Please check with Council’s Planning Department prior to lodging to confirm eligibility of a Vicsmart application

Click here to download, complete and sign a VicSmart Planning Permit application.

The Planning Scheme identifies applications that meet specific requirements as VicSmart. These applications go through a simplified assessment and decision processes.

Key features of the VicSmart process include:
• Predetermined required information at submission of an application;
• If the application requires referral to a referral authority under Clause 66, the referral requirements in Clause 71.06-2 are met.
• Exemption from advertising; and
• A 10 working day permit process.

External Web Links
For detailed information visit the VicSmart website.

Amending a Planning Permit

Applications can be made to amend and change an existing permit under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987

An application form can be downloaded to amend the permit. Please see minimum application requirements to accompany this request.

Minor amendments under the primary consent of a permit can be considered under secondary consent.

Please note any decision issued by the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal cannot be amended.

Request Extension of Time to a Planning Permit

The responsible authority may extend the time if a request is made in writing or by completing the Request Extension of Time to a Planning Permit before the permit expires or thereafter, within the periods allowed by section 69 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 as below;

- Before the permit expires,
- Within 6 months of the permit expiring,
- Within 12 months of the permit expiring where the development commenced lawfully before the permit expired.

Submission to a Planning Permit Application

  • To make a submission you should clearly complete the details on the front of the Submission to a Planning Permit Application and lodge it with the Responsible Authority as shown on the Notice of an Application for Planning Permit form. If your submission concerns property other than where you live, give details of that property and of your interest in it.
  • To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your submission it should be received by the date shown in the notice you were sent or saw in a newspaper or on the site.
  • If despite your submission the Responsible Authority grants the Permit, you can appeal against the decision. Details of the appeal procedure are set out on the back of the Notice of Decision which you will receive. The closing date for appeals is 21 days after the date the Responsible Authority decides to grant the Permit.
  • If the Responsible Authority refuses the application, the applicant can also appeal. The provisions are set out on the Refusal of Planning Application which will be issued at that time.
  • If this form is insufficient for your submission, attach additional pages.
  • Council is collecting the information on this form in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Council must make a copy of this submission available for any person to inspect free of charge under Section 51 of the Act. If you fail to provide this information the Glenelg Shire Council will not be able to advise you of any consultation or decision making forums or the decision regarding this matter, but you may access this information by contacting Council on 55222187.
  • Please be aware that copies of submissions received may be made available to any person for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process.
  • Withdrawal of Objection to Grant a Planning Permit

Where Can I Obtain A Copy Of Title?

A copy of Title can be obtained from Landata. Click on this link to go to the Victoria Landata Website
For instructions on how to download a copy of title from Landata Click Here

Bushfire Planning Resources

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website contains Bushfire Planning Resources to enable an assessment and submission of your application under the Bushfire Management Overlay .

For more information on these resources click here for a link to the website.

Heritage Places and Heritage Overlay Planning Fees

For more information on Heritage Places and Overlay Planning Fees go to our Heritage Service webpage.

Guidelines for the Preparation of a Landscape Plan

A planning permit application may require that a landscape plan is provided.
Council has prepared guidelines to assist in the preparation of these plans. Please ensure that the appropriate Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) is used when selecting appropriate species and for weed management purposes. The EVCs in the Glenelg Plain bioregion can be found at here.
Landscape Plan Guidelines - Template

Download Forms

Before downloading the forms please ensure you are using Internet Explorer to ensure that they open correctly.

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