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Fire Prevention

For more information regarding Fire Preparedness and Restrictions please visit the CFA Website:

Fire Preparedness

Fire prevention is YOUR responsibility. With the ever increasing pressure on CFA volunteers and the ever decreasing numbers of volunteers available you must be aware that you cannot rely on a fire truck to protect your property in a bushfire emergency.

Prepare an emergency plan for your family and property. In a fire emergency your house is the safest place to be PROVIDED YOU HAVE DONE YOUR PREPARATION. If you plan to leave in a fire emergency, do so as soon as you know there is a fire in the area.

Contact your local CFA office for information on how to prepare your Fire Safety Plan.

Fire Restrictions

Fire restrictions are announced every year over the summer period. These dates are set by the CFA.

If you are unsure of what you are and are not allowed to do during fire restriction periods and total fire ban days, there is a link at the bottom of this page to our Local Laws Documents & Forms page where you will find a brochure distributed by the CFA titled "Can I or Can't I?".

For more information please visit the CFA website on:

Fire Prevention Checklist

• Cut/mow any long grass so that it is no higher than 10cm.
• Remove any flammable material around your home, including cleaning out gutters.
• Clear away dead undergrowth and fallen branches.
• Store firewood and other flammables away from your home.
• Clearly display your property number so that it can be easily recognised by Emergency Services should the need arise.

Fire Prevention Notices

Inspections undertaken by Glenelg Shire officers may find that fuel hazards on your property require attention.

If a fire hazard has been detected on individual properties, a Fire Prevention Notice will be issued to the property owner or occupier specifiying the work required to reduce the fire risk associated with their property.

The issuing of Fire Prevention Notices ensures property owners carry out the necessary fire prevention measures to lessen the risk of fire threatening both themselves and their community.

If you receive a Fire Prevention Notice it is important that you read the notice carefully and if you do not understand the notice or wish to discuss:

• extra time to meet the notice requirements
• intention of keeping livestock on the property; or
• intention of cutting hay

you must contact the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 5522 2208 prior to the specified completion date.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the works described on the notice are undertaken prior to the completion date displayed on the notice, and that the property is maintained in accordance with the notice for the duration of the declared Fire Season.

If you do not carry out the works required by the Fire Prevention Notice, the Glenelg Shire will arrange contractors to carry out the works listed on the notice at the property owner’s expense. Depending upon specific circumstances an infringement (fine) may also be issued.

A Fire Prevention brochure and list of Contractors who provide slashing works within the Glenelg Shire are available in PDF format following the link below or at any of Council's Customer Service Offices in Portland, Heywood or Casterton.

Infringement Notices

Infringement Notices may be issued by Local Laws Officers for a range of offences including breaches to Glenelg Shire Council Local Laws and offences under the Country Fire Authority Act.

Persons who receive an infringement may:

  • Pay the infringement;
  • Have the matter referred directly to Court for consideration. This must be requested by contacting Council in writing; or
  • Refer the matter to the Glenelg Shire Council Review Panel if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the issuing of the infringement. You will find an Infringement Review Application Form by following the link to the Local Laws Documents & Forms page at the bottom of this page.

Applications for an infringement review must be in writing and only one review request per offence is allowed. You are required to provide a copy of your original infringement notice with your application documentation.

If you have received an Infringement Notice which you believe to be unfair or unjust due to extenuating circumstances and wish to have the infringement reviewed, download the Infringement Review Application Form by clicking on the link to the Local Laws Documents & Forms at the bottom of the page.

Permit to Burn

Throughout the declared fire danger period any person without exception throughout the Municipality must apply for a permit to burn from the Council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. The application form has a section for the CFA's approval, prior to Council's consideration.

During days of total fire ban no person is permitted to light a fire in the open air. Severe penalties apply (including prosecution) for doing so.

The permit to burn application form is available from any of Council's Customer Service Centres or download the form by clicking on the link to Local Laws Documents and Forms at the bottom of this page.

At any time of the year open air fires within the "Designated Areas" are not allowed without a Permit from Council. Designated Areas are outlined in the List of Schedules available by clicking on the link to Local Laws Documents and Forms at the bottom of this page.

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