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Forms & Information Sheets

Below are the current building permit application forms, information/checklist sheets and request for building permit/land information forms.

Required Information for Building Permit Applications Sheets

Information sheets are currently being updated.

Extension of time request form 2021-2022

General Information required when lodging a building permit application

It is the applicant's responsibility to supply sufficient information to the Relevant Building Surveyors. The Relevant Building Surveyor is then required to ensure the application contains sufficient information to determine compliance with the Building Act and Regulations. Where the Relevant Building Surveyor is not satisfied that the appropriate information has been provided they cannot issue the building permit and will request more information.

Required Documentation

Completed Application form, signed and dated

Copy of Certificate of Title.

Property ownership evidence (copy of contract of sale, Council rates notice).

Owner Builder declaration for domestic building work exceeding $5000 in value.

(Owner Builders) a Certificate of consent from the Building Practitioners Board to act as an owner builder if the value of work exceeds $16,000.

(Registered Builders only) A Certificate of Insurance under the Domestic Building Contracts Act for domestic building work exceeding $16,000 in value, constructed by Registered Building Practitioners.

(Engineered Structures only) A Current Certificate of Compliance – Design, in accordance with Regulation 126 and associated computations for steel & timber components outside of the design limits of recognised span tables.


One (1) copy of drawings showing the plan at each floor level adjoining the pool, the sizes and locations of structural members to a scale of not less than 1:100, as detailed below;

Elevation plan – showing details of the safety fencing including the height, location, gates and there latch fittings.

Floor plan - fully dimensioned and labeled floor plan (adjacent to the pool) including, safety fencing location, room sizes, total floor areas, window / door sizes.

Structural - fully dimensioned and labelled footing construction plan including reinforcement.

One (1) copy of site plan to a scale of not less than 1:500 or other appropriate scale showing the following information;

the boundaries and dimensions of the allotment and any relevant easements

the position and dimensions of the proposed pool and its relationship to—
the boundaries of the allotment; and
any existing building on the allotment; and

the layout of the proposed drains to the point of discharge on the allotment

the location, dimensions and area of impermeable surfaces covering the allotment (i.e. concrete, paving, driveways etc)

A statement of the use or intended use of all buildings shown on site plan.

Have you?
Have you checked with the relevant officers, if you require a Planning Permit?
Note: where required, a building permit cannot be issued until Planning is been approved.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
Are you in a Bushfire Prone Area? Use Glenelg Shire Council’s website - Online Mapping to determine. The draftsperson drawing the plans can confirm and assess your properties BAL, which is required for every site within a declared bushfire prone area.

Have you checked with the relevant officers, if you require a Wastewater permit?
Note: where required, a building permit cannot be issued until this is been approved.

Have you applied for or enquired with the relevant officer, whether you require an Asset Protection Permit? All questions relating to Asset Protection are to be directed to the Asset Protection Permit Administration Officer (Phone (03) 5522 2200).

Application for Building Permit

Click here or on the link in the download section below for the 2021 Application for Building Permit form.

Owner/Builder Forms

Request for Property Information (including Drainage) 2021-2022

Please click here to go to the Drainage Information webpage which includes an application form for requesting information in relation to Building regulations 51 (1), (2), & (3), a Copy of Plans, the Legal Point of Discharge, and drainage information.

Links to VBA Practice Notes and resources

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has practice notes ad other resources available on its website that may assist you with any questions or issues that you may have prior to or during your building activity. Click here to go to the VBA website - Practice Notes and resources

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