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Australia Day Awards Honour Roll

Australia Day gives all Australians an opportunity to celebrate who we are. As a part of these celebrations it is appropriate to acknowledge the work of the individuals and groups around us who have contributed to our wider community.

The Council is proud to acknowledge individuals who are outstanding role models in our Shire through the presentation of Citizen, Young Citizen, Senior Citizen and Community Group of the Year Awards.

Australia Day Awards are an important part of celebrating Australia Day in Glenelg Shire. This honour roll contains the names of all past recipients of the Glenelg Shire Australia Day Awards for Citizen, Young Citizen, Senior Citizen and Commuity Group of the Year.

The annual Australia Day Awards are presented during Council’s Australia Day Celebrations normally held on the 26 January each year.

Glenelg Shire Citizen of the Year Honour Roll

Year Recipient
2021 Rosie Collins
2020 Mr Keith Millard
2019 Jointly Awarded Mr Gordon Page and Mrs Dianne Burch
2018 Jointly Awarded Mr Phillip Ruge and Ms Sharron Gill
2017 Jointly Awarded Mr Cyril Cram and Mr Noel Bull
2016 Jointly Awarded Mrs Myra Bourke and Mr Geoff Richardson (dec)
2015 Mr Bernard Wallace
2014 Mrs Beverley Mcllroy
2013 Jointly Awarded Mr Rawson Orchard and Mr Steve Zippel
2012 Mr Terry Baker OAM
2011 Mr Bill Golding OAM
2010 Jointly Awarded Mr Graham Sealey and Mrs Gail Jaensch
2009 Mrs Mavis Jennings
2008 Mr Keith D Wilson OAM
2007 Mr Colin Creek
2006 Mr Alan Lewis
2005 Mr Alan "Sam" Bruton
2003 Mrs Wendy Dowling
2002 Mrs Dawn Mill
2001 Mrs Faith Sutterby
2000 Mrs Lynette Smith
1999 Mrs Mary Sharrock
1998 Mr Brendan Jarrett
1997 Mr Frank Angelino
1996 Mr John Donegan
1995 Mr Ian Lewellin

Glenelg Shire Young Citizen of the Year Honour Roll

Year Recipient
2021 Jointly Awarded Lily Irwin and Emily Eastman
2020 Maycie-Lee Reeves
2019 Patricia Thompson
2018 Jointly Awarded ames Gray and Jess Pethybridge
2017 Jointly Awarded Kane Forbes & Grace Davey
2016 Angela Bennett
2015 Jointly Awarded Courtney Ball & Pierce Kelly
2014 Miranda Jones
2013 Sarah Davey
2012 Jared Goldsworthy
2011 Jointly Awarded Celeste Bolte & Danielle Westlake
2010 No nominations received
2009 Ben Lavakeiaho
2008 Jackson Tozer
2007 Timothy Walker
2006 Timothy Rogers
2005 Samuel Baldock
2004 Shannyn Lovell
2003 Shae Spry
2002 Tristan Hallewas

Senior Citizen of the Year

Year Recipient
2021 Jointly Awarded Jan Lineker and Des Wombwell (posthumous)
2020 Cheryl Ford
2019 Jointly Awarded Mr Barry Watson and Mr John Coxon
2018 Mrs Gwen Finck
2017 Jointly Awarded Mrs Heather Burton and Mrs Betty Collins
2016 Cornelius Melis
2015 Ellie Lane
2014 Jointly Awarded June Holmes and Hazel Short

Community Group of the Year

Year Community Group
2020 Mission to Seafarers Portland
2019 Portland Citizens Brass Band
2018 Portland Cable Trams Inc
2017 Portland Coast Guard
2016 Dartmoor and District Progress Association Inc.
2015 Casterton Vice Regal Band
2014 Portland Surf Life Saving Club Inc
2013 Friends of the Great South West Walk Inc
2012 Casterton Kelpie Association
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