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Community Grants

Glenelg Shire Community Grants
The Glenelg Shire Council is committed to enhancing community wellbeing, and encourages and supports a broad range of arts and cultural events, community, sporting, adult learning, social support clubs and organisations through targeted funding programs.

The aim of the Community Grants Program is to assist community organisations and groups to undertake activities and provide facilities for the benefit of the citizens and residents of the Shire region.

The Glenelg Shire Council provides approximately $162,000 each year for community grants. There are two rounds of funding each financial year, and applications are usually invited in July and February. Not for profit community organisations or groups are invited to submit an application in the following categories:

1. Recreation
2. Public Halls
3. Community Events
4. Arts, Culture and Heritage
5. Community Strengthening

Potential applicants should refer to the Community Grants Guidelines to assess their eligibility to apply. All organisations and groups are strongly encouraged to discuss their projects with the relevant Council officer prior to submitting their application.

Applications for the next round of community grants will be open in January/February 2021

For further information on the Glenelg Shire Community Grants please contact the relevant council officer:
Recreation: Hayley Rowe on 5522 2346 or via email
Community Strengthening and Public Halls: Sharon Bridgewater on 5522 2172 or via email
Community Events: Jodie Vaughan on 5522 2171 or via email
Arts Culture & Heritage: Susie Lyons on 5522 2301 or via email

For general grant queries, please contact Sharon Bridgewater on 5522 2172 or via email

Glenelg Shire Minor Community Grants
Minor requests may be available for community groups and organisations for activities, projects and programs that are of an extraordinary nature that do not align with normal grant timeframes. Applications may be up to a maximum of $500. While applications in this category can be made at any time of the year, applicants must contact the relevant Council Officer first to discuss the potential application. The applicant must also justify the reasons for missing the deadlines of the advertised funding rounds.Please click here for a link to the guidelines.

For further information on the Glenelg Shire Minor Community Grants please contact Sharon Bridgewater on 5522 2172 or via email

Click here to go to Smarty Grants to start your application

Glenelg Shire Junior Sport Trust
The Glenelg Junior Sport Trust provides financial support for individual athletes or teams who have been selected to represent at state, national or international level in their chosen sport aged up to 18 years of age inclusive. The age is to be the age of the individual/team participant at the time the activity/event is being held.
Please click here for a link to the guidelines

For further information on the Glenelg Junior Sport Trust, please contact Sharon Bridgewater on 5522 2172 or via email

To start your application click here

Heritage Loans/Grants Scheme
The aim of the Scheme is to provide low interest loans and grants which will help fund restoration works to recognised buildings, sites or objects of heritage value in the Glenelg Shire in order to promote the conservation and protection of these buildings, sites or objects for the benefit of the community.
Click here for more information on the Heritage Loan/Grant Scheme

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