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Educating about Waste and Recycling

The South West Regional Waste Management Group (Waste Reduction Group) has a regional Waste and Litter Education Strategy that encourages each member of Council to develop its own Waste and Litter Education Plan.

Waste and Litter Education

Glenelg Shire Council has adopted a Waste and Litter Education Action Plan which includes key initiatives as follows:
- Waste Wise Accreditation - work towards targets listed in the Waste Reduction Accreditation Plan
- Litter management focussing on cigarette butts (No Buts, Bin Your Butt)
- Worm Farming/Composting at Home
- Reduction in use of plastic shopping bags
- Alternative use and disposal of agricultural waste
A copy of the Waste and Litter Education Plan is attached to the link below.

To go to the Recycling web page, click on the Recycling link above.

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