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Glenelg Shire Rural Land Use Strategy

YourSay Glenelg website launch:

With the launch of Council’s new engagement platform ‘Your Say Glenelg’, the Glenelg Rural Land Use Strategy has a new webpage providing all the below information plus more. The website is designed to facilitate greater community engagement and will be used for this project at various consultation stages.

Click here to go to the 'Your Say Glenelg' webpage, consider registering, and you can then interact with a number of Council projects.

What is it?

The purpose of preparing a Rural Land Use Strategy is to identify and address existing and emerging rural land use issues.

The proposed strategy will help Council make decisions on rural land use conflicts based on best practice land use, environmental and risk management planning.

Project Background

The first round of consultation was undertaken in June 2015. Following on from the meetings of June 2015, Council’s consultant has taken comments on board and completed the technical (background) assessment of the rural land in the shire. Since this consultation session in June 2015, Council have also expanded the project to include preparation of the strategy itself. During this period the consultant has also added to the information in the technical assessment to cover areas surrounding Portland that were not previously considered.

Further consultation was undertaken in July 2016. Public meetings were held in Nelson, Dartmoor, Casterton, Cape Bridgewater Heywood and Portland. The focus of these sessions was to identify local issues relevant to the rural areas for consideration in the strategy.

The strategy will guide future land use provisions for the rural areas of the shire and will therefore affect a range of land use and development opportunities in these areas.

Progress Update

The draft Rural Land Use Strategy is on public exhibition from Tuesday 3 April to Friday 25 May 2018. The most effective means of communicating your feedback to Council is by written submission. This can be done via the Your Say Glenelg website, email or by using a feedback form.

All written submissions will be considered prior to finalising the Rural Land Use Strategy.

How can I be involved?

A forum is available (Your Say Glenelg) to post questions, comments and ideas on the Glenelg Shire Rural Land Use Strategy.

A number of questions are listed in the survey on Your Say Glenelg as prompts. However, you are encouraged to comment on any aspect of the draft strategy.

Submissions do not need to be lengthy, but should clearly state your views of the strategy, and in particular, the impacts of any changes proposed to rural land within the Shire.

If you have any questions or would like to keep in touch with the project progress, please contact Imogen Holton-McPhee, by phone 5522 2170 or via email

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