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Casterton Saleyards

Casterton Livestock Saleyards

Casterton Livestock Saleyards is a facility owned and operated by the Glenelg Shire Council. These Saleyards are renowned nationwide for offering premium quality local stock in an historic setting.

The Saleyard hosts 8 to 10 store cattle sales each year as well as a summer sheep sale.

Three Stock Agents each conduct several large premium store weaner cattle sales during January each year.

The Casterton Saleyards are EU Accredited and NSQA Accredited and offer NLIS Scanning with pre-sale weighing of store cattle.

Facilities available at the Saleyards include: canteen, AVDATA Truck Wash, pen selling, scales, a dirt yard section and stock ring. Natural woodchip soft-flooring is used throughout the Saleyards offering excellent protection against lameness, especially with weaned animals. Private use of the cattle crush is also available and specific sections of the yards for drafting and loading cattle, can be arranged following payment of the relevant fee.

Upcoming Sales

Casterton Livestock Saleyard

9am, Wednesday 22nd December, 2021 - Landmark Weaner & Store Cattle Sale
9:30am, Thursday 30th December, 2021 - Landmark Nutrien Annual Sheep & Lamb Sale
8:30am, Tuesday 11th January, 2022 - Landmark/Elders Angus Steer Weaner Sale
8:30am, Wednesday 12th January, 2022 - Landmark/Elders Hereford Steer Weaner Sale
8:30am, Friday 14th January, 2022 - Landmark/Elders Heifer Weaner Sale

Please note: These dates/times subject to change at any time.

To view current Fees and Charges 2021/2022 SEE BELOW.

Sale Contact Information

Elders VP (03) 5581 1922
Landmark (03) 5581 1594
Keatley Livestock (08) 8724 8900

Cattle Sale Curfew Times

EU Cattle: 6:00pm night before the sale
NLIS Cattle: 8:00pm night before the sale

NOTE: Stock will not be received for market after curfew times.

Casterton Saleyards - Accreditation is required for people who perform work at public Saleyards more than 3 times a year

Registrations of Interest for training and induction sessions can be made by calling the Assets and Infrastructure Department on (03) Ph: 5522 2167.
Sessions will be organised on a demand basis.

Use of Saleyards Outside Sale Days

Stock is not to be unloaded or penned at the saleyards outside of sale days unless prior approval has been obtained from the Saleyard Manager and the appropriate fee paid.

In emergency situations stock maybe unloaded and penned, however the Saleyard Manager is to be advised immediately thereafter, and the appropriate fee paid if applicable.

An emergency situation is defined as vehicular breakdown, stock loading problems, animal husbandry practice including removal of an animal injured in transit.

Casterton Saleyard Local Law 2013

To view the adopted Casterton Saleyard Local Law 2013 please click the link below.

Casterton Livestock Saleyards Local Law 2013

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