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MEDIA RELEASE - Ploughed FIeld closed unless Cypress trees removed

The Ploughed Field’s ageing Cypress trees must be removed in the interest of public safety, Glenelg Shire Mayor Max Oberlander has warned.
Cr Oberlander said council would be forced to cordon off, or close the public space, to ensure user safety unless the over mature trees were cut down in the near future.
An arborist report from April 2011 identified the trees were “suffering structural decline” and were at the end of their natural life. It reiterated that plans should be made for the trees staged removal and replacement.
The report detailed significant branch “cracks” which had resulted in damage to local buildings, including the rotunda. It warned that whilst the trees “appeared to be in fair to good health they are suffering structural decline”, further highlighting the high public risk level.
Cr Oberlander said since the release of the report four years ago council had regularly pruned the trees to reduce the possibility of branch falls.
“Council is not prepared to risk public safety,” he said.
“Detailed arborist reports have warned that these trees are at the end of their life and as a result there is a high risk of heavy branches falling off, or worse the trunks cracking.
“The facts are clear, these trees must be cut down and removed to ensure the safety of Ploughed Field users or council will be forced to cordon of the area, restricting public access.
“Council recognises that many people have a close connection to these Cypress trees, however they are at the end of their days. We must ensure the public are not at risk of being harmed from falling limbs. Community safety is paramount.”
Council is calling on the public to provide feedback on how the site can be rejuvenated.
“We want community members to provide their ideas on how they would like to see this site look in the future. It might include the installation of public art, the design of furniture and barbecues, shaded area and landscaping – we want to hear your ideas,” Cr Oberlander said.

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