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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council

Tell me more about the registration fields.

Email - Your email address is used to verify that you are a genuine user. We also email you to keep you updated on engagement activities that interest you and tell you about the final outcomes of projects you contribute to.

Demographics - such as suburb and age can be used to identify people for targeted engagement projects, e.g. feedback specific to residents of Casterton; Basic demographics will it also helps us to understand different views/opinions from different age groups.

Your Login/Screen Name will appear online with any feedback you provide to us. If you feel more comfortable retaining your anonymity, choose a unique screen that will not personally identify you.

Be sure to select a secure password that you will only know. We recommend that you use a mixture of upper case, lower case and/or a numbers to minimise the risk of your account being compromised.

There are a few fields that are optional for you to answer, filling out those questions will further help us to gain a better understanding about who you are. For example the question “Please indicate your main areas of interest” will allow us to communicate with your more effectively which means the e-mails we send will be less frequent and will be about topics that are of importance to you specifically, and not a standard e-mail we send to everyone.

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