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Listening Post

The Glenelg Shire Council are keen to hear from you about local issues affecting your community.


Councillors decided to set up an ongoing ‘Listening Post’ page to provide an online forum for feedback on current issues affecting the community.


The Glenelg Shire Council Plan 2017-2021 identified 4 listening posts events to be held across the shire every year. This site will be used by anyone attending the events or those that cannot attend an event as well as anyone in the community to raise a local issue with council. Listening post events will occur at the following locations in 2018-19

  • Quarter 1 (July - September 2018) Held at 12 noon at the Mechanics Institute Hall, 17 August 2018, in Narrawong. Please click here to see the list of concerns raised.
  • Upwelling Festival - 3 November 2018 A marquee will be erected at the Upwelling Festival in Portland from 10am to 5pm
  • Quarter 2 (October - Dec 2018) To be held in Dartmoor (Date and time to be advised)
  • Quarter 3 (January - March 2019) To be held in Nelson (Date and time to be advised)
  • Quarter 4 (April - June 2019) To be held in Merino/Digby (Date and time to be advised)

Reason for the ‘Listening Post’

A listening post page has been created on the YourSay Glenelg site to allow the community to have a conversation with councillors any time of the day. Councillors listened to those who provided feedback during the development of the Council Plan early in 2017 and developed this tool as a way to engage with people in the community on a regular basis.


Feedback should be directed through the ‘Survey’ tool on YourSay Glenelg and will inform council’s direction in the future. We may be in contact with you to discuss your comments in more details, particularly as relevant projects arise. This may mean that we collate your feedback and use it as the basis of a community plan or the development of a priority list of new development works for the shire.

Please go to the YourSay Glenelg Listening Post Page.

If you have a more urgent request, eg relating to fixing a council asset or would like to request council undertake minor work such as trim a tree or empty a bin, please use the Customer Request Form.

If you would like any further information on the Glenelg Shire Listening Post’s, please contact Corporate Planning Officer, Cherie Arnott on 03 5522 2562, or .

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