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MEDIA RELEASE - Welcome speed reduction for Casterton CBD

29 May 2019

Speed limits will drop to 40kmph in Casterton’s CBD following successful advocacy efforts from the Glenelg Shire Council.

Minister for Roads Jaala Pulford yesterday announced a 10kmph reduction from 50kmph in an effort to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians.

She noted the key freight route carried about 2600 vehicles daily, with heavy vehicles equating to about one quarter of the total movements.

Glenelg Shire Mayor Cr Anita Rank said the news was a “huge win” for the Casterton community following a number of public meetings calling for urgent action.

“Council has been front and centre listening to the concerns of local residents who are rightly concerned by the frequency and noise, of these heavy vehicles, which share the main thoroughfare with local traffic and growing tourism trade,” she said.

“There are an estimated 650 trucks operating 24 hours a day on this busy main street, sharing the pavement with school children getting to school, the elderly in their scooters and mums and dads going about their daily business.

“It is pleasing that our advocacy to government has resulted in these important reductions which will assist to improve the safety for all residents and road users. It is a pleasing and deserving outcome given our freight task is only likely to grow in the coming years as the timber sector continues to boom and agriculture records more gains.”

Casterton-based councillor Karen Stephens, who is also chair of the Green Triangle Freight Action Committee, applauded the changes, noting the 40kmph limit was consistent with other regional centres.

“These speed reductions will make a significant difference, improving safety in the CBD of Casterton for all drivers and pedestrians,” Cr Stephens said.

“Trucks are a reality in a regional centres across Australia, and the intensity of our freight task is testament to our booming economy. It is pleasing that the community, council and government have been able to work together to come to this sensible resolution.”

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