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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council

Workshops and Training

To help active Councils vision to ensure that residents of the Glenelg Shire lead active, healthy lives that incorporate a wide range of lifestyle choices, we will be providing clubs with plenty of opportunities to develop their clubs.

Workshops & Training

As outlined in the Sport and Recreation Plan our Club Development opportunities will focus on:
• Working with local sporting clubs to build inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory club cultures where people feel safe
and accepted;
• Partnering with local clubs and recreational groups to grow the availability of modified and social sports;
• Help clubs to identify and address barriers to participation, in both on and off field roles;
• Develop the strategic planning and management capacity of clubs and recreational groups;
• Support the skill development for coaches, officials and volunteers across the Glenelg Shire;
• Promote healthy food choices and reduced alcohol consumption within Council owned or managed sport and recreational
facilities; and
• Support initiatives that improve access to sport and active recreation for older residents.

This will be achieved through delivering an annual club workshop program and continuing to provide Clubs with support and resources. The new Club Development Workshop Calendar is currently under development. Please contact the Hayley Rowe, Recreation Coordinator, for further details, , 03 5522 2346

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