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Annual Reports


In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, the Draft Annual Report for the 2020-2021 financial year has been prepared and forwarded to the Minister for Local Government. Due to delayed in audited financial statements, the Draft Annual Report does not contain financial information. Financial information will be added on receipt from the Victorian Auditor General's Office.
The Draft Annual Report will be considered by Council at its meeting scheduled for 26 October 2021.

You can view the Draft 2020-2021 Annual Report here.

The Annual Report contains a report on the operations of the Council and the audited financial statements and performance statement. Similar to other private and government sector organisations, it is emphasised that the Annual Report does not include information on every achievement, project or service provided by the Council. The annual report is focused on highlights and is primarily used by a range of government, community based and private sector organisations.

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