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Food Premises Classification, Registration & Structural Requirements

In Victoria, you cannot operate a food business unless the business is registered with the relevant local Council. A food premises must be registered with Council before food is stored, handled, prepared or sold from that premises. Failure to register your premises is a contravention of the Food Act.

Risk Classification

There are four classes of food premises – Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4. This classification system ensures that the regulatory requirements are matched appropriately to the level of food safety risk associated undertaken at the respective premises.

Class 1 Hospitals, child care centres and aged care centres which serve potentially hazardous foods. Yes Yes
Class 2 Supermarkets, Take Away, Restaurants, Cafes, etc. Yes Yes
Class 3 Premises that handle unpackaged low risk food or high risk pre-packaged food. No, but minimum recording requirements No
Class 4 Shelf stable pre packaged items, whole uncut fruit & vegetables, etc. No No


To register your food business with the Glenelg Shire you must submit the following information to Council:

  • Completed 'Application to Register a Food Premises'
  • Payment of Registration fee. (Please contact Council for the relevant fee for your Food Premises).
  • Provide a copy of the current Food Safety Program for your business (Class 1 and Class 2 Premises only). This program will also require you to nominate a qualified Food Safety Supervisor .
  • Provide a copy of the nominated Food Safety Supervisor’s certificate (Class 1 and Class 2 Premises only).
  • Submit a floor plan detailing the food preparation areas, food storage areas, cooking equipment (stove & mechanical exhaust system), toilet facilities, cleaning facilities, wash hand facilities, specify foods to be processed and stored on the premises, and where food transportation is to occur include the details of the transportation process. For example, are the goods to be transported frozen, refrigerated or hot?

Structural Requirements

All food premises are required to comply with the Food Standards Code. Council has developed the New Food Premises Information Pack to assist you with the necessary information to ensure that your food premises satisfies the legal requirements associated with running a food business.

For a copy of the Food Standards Code, please visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Transfer of Registration

When purchasing an existing food business, the Registration must be transferred into the new proprietors name by completing a Transfer of Registration Application Form and paying a transfer fee.
It is mandatory that you arrange for an inspection of the premises by an Environmental Health Officer prior to the transfer to find out the current status of the premises, and any outstanding works that may be required. This can be done by completing the Inspection Request Form.

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