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MEDIA RELEASE - Author visits Heywood Kindergarten

1 September 2017

Melbourne-based children’s author Alison Reynolds made a very special visit to the Heywood Kindergarten last week as a part of National Book Week.

Reynolds has published over 60 books locally and internationally, including her latest series Pickle & Bree and her best-selling series A Year with Marmalade.

After various mediocre jobs working as a public servant, market researcher, in restaurants and bookshops, Reynolds discovered writing was her true passion.

She now focuses solely on writing children’s books as a full time career.
The Heywood Kindergarten was thrilled to have Reynolds sit in their new ‘Reading Chair,’ purchased with a donation from the Heywood Lions Club where she read two of her books, A Year with Marmalade and The Littlest Bushranger.
The children then acted out The Littlest Bushranger together as a class, the story about Jack, who is left at home with his dog, Hector while his sister starts off for school, when an oddly bird-shaped outlaw suddenly descends on them.

Reynolds signed copies of the books she read to the kindergarten children and left them as a gift for others to enjoy.

Heywood Kindergarten teaching director Corrina Bell said the new reading chair was a very special edition to the learning space.

“Books are an important part of our educational program, they can teach us so many things. Books are like friends and we need to look after them,” Ms Bell said.

“We will now begin Special Book Day, where we invite one child every day to bring in their favourite book from home for us to read in our very special chair,” she said.

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