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MEDIA RELEASE - Livestock Workers Reminded To Get Vaccinated Against Q Fever

23 October 2017

The Victorian Farmers Federation current Q Fever campaign ‘It’s Serious. It’s Spreading. And Every Livestock Worker Is At Risk’ is pushing for all livestock workers across the state to get vaccinated against Q-Fever.

Q-Fever is a disease carried by cattle, sheep, goats and other animals such as feral rodents, birds and ticks and can become quite serious when transmitted to humans.

Glenelg Shire Council acting director corporate services David Hol urged all livestock workers across the shire to get vaccinated against the highly contagious disease.

“There has been a major influx in cases across the state over the last two years,”
Mr Hol said.

“Livestock workers and livestock exportation play a large role in the shire’s economy, it is crucial all residents working with livestock to get vaccinated against Q-Fever to ensure we aren’t lacking in resources.

“A simple vaccination could save livestock workers from weeks off work or even a stay in hospital.”

Landmark Harcourts Casterton livestock agent Greg Bright who deals with livestock across the shire said Q-Fever is becoming inhibiting for the industry.

“It is easy for livestock workers to look past Q-Fever as a disease you commonly find in cattle, it is extremely important for all workers to know they can easily transmit this disease,” Mr Bright said.

“If people don’t start getting vaccinated, there won’t be enough workers to keep the livestock industry working through the shire at the pace it needs to be.”

Council strongly urges all residents who come in contact with livestock to talk to their local GP about getting the Q-Fever vaccine.

To learn more, contact the Australian Q Fever Register to find a vaccinator at 1300 QFEVER or visit

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