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MEDIA RELEASE - Shop local and grow Glenelg this Christmas

16 November 2017

Shop local this Christmas and help grow the Glenelg Shire economy.

This is the message from Mayor Cr Anita Rank who is encouraging all residents to support this month’s Midnight Sale and the hardworking retailers across Portland and the broader shire.

The streets will light up for the Midnight Sale on Thursday 23 November, with all retail outlets and food services operating until late in the evening.

Cr Rank said the sale event was a great opportunity for the community to come together and support local businesses.

“The Midnight Sale isn’t only about the community supporting local businesses, it is an opportunity for wider communities to come to Portland and experience what our shire has to offer,” Cr Rank said.

“We have outstanding products and services here in Portland which means we don’t need to jump in the car and shop outside of town in other regional centres.

“The sale is very unique and not many townships get the opportunity to experience something like this, with that we hope to attract visitors from across the border and other regional Victorian towns.”

Cr Rank said shopping locally benefited everyone in the local community.

Earlier this year council launched the ‘Shop Local’ campaign in an effort to encourage locals to support their local business community.

“Our ‘Shop Local’ flyers show that for every dollar spent in a local retail outlet, 60 cents is returned to the local economy, more than half the dollar return.

“Participating stores will also have sales on the night offering 20 per cent to 50 per cent off,” she said

Cr Rank said it will be an exciting night for the township as the iconic Bentinck Street Norfolk Pine will light up to celebrate the beginning the of the festive season.

“I encourage all residents to attend the light up of the Norfolk Pine which will begin at 8pm Thursday evening featuring our much-loved star,” she said.

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