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Relief and Recovery

In an emergency, it is important to know what arrangements are offered to you, especially in volatile conditions.

As stated in the Glenelg Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2017-2020 Version 4.1, an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) is a building or a place that has been activated for the provision of essential personal needs for people affected by, or responding to an emergency. The Glenelg Shire Council’s position on the activation of ERCs is:

  • Opening of an ERC is a decision made by the Victoria Police, fulfilling the role of Municipal Emergency Resources Coordinator (MERC), in consultation with the control agency and Council’s Municipal Emergency Response Officer (MERO) and Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) to accommodate residents relocating in response to a direct emergency;

  • Activation of an ERC is determined once the location of the emergency is known and is typically located well away from any threat to ensure public safety;

  • Council may activate ERCs in the instance where a situation is of genuine emergency; and

  • An activated ERC is only able to provide basic support services such as food, first aid and emergency shelter.

Key information about ERCs

  • If you leave your property, you should register with the Red Cross at an established ERC.

  • It is important that you have alternative plans to stay with family or friends or other private accommodation.

  • An emergency relief may be noisy, crowded, hot or cold.

  • While at an ERC, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your entire family, particularly any children in your care.

Animals at ERCs

  • Wherever possible, residents should make short-term accommodation arrangements for their companion animals, e.g. with friends or family outside of the affected area, or at a boarding facility.

  • There is likely to be minimal provision for animals at an ERC and all animals are to be under control of their owner and
    confined to a cage or leash at all times. Council will assist where possible to provide short-term relocation of livestock and horses.

ERC Locations

Glenelg Shire Council has identified three buildings that can be utilised as ERCs in the case of an emergency. The ERCs in the Glenelg Shire are as follows:

Emergency Relief Centres

Location Address Town Phone Capacity Access Car Park Wheel Chair Access Toilets Kitchen Shower Heating Map
Portland Civic Hall 30 Bentinck Street Portland 5522 2200 400 seated AH On street parking Yes Yes Yes No Yes Portland RC Map
Heywood Senior Citizens Centre 9 Hunter Street Heywood 5527 0666 50 seated AH On street parking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Heywood RC Map
Casterton Town Hall 67 Henty Street Casterton 5554 2444 200 seated AH On street parking Yes Yes Yes No Yes Casterton RC Map
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