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Rates Calculations and Information

General Rates are based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property. They are calculated by multiplying the valuation by the rate-in-the-dollar levied for each rate category.

Example for a General Land property:
CIV $320,000 x .005331 = $1,705.90

Example for a Primary Production Land property:
CIV $500,000 x .005331 = $2,665.50 (less rebate 30% -$799.65) = $1,865.85
The below table shows the rates-in-the-dollar and rebates that were declared for 2017/2018.

Rate Category Rate in the $ on CIV
General Land .005331
Commercial/Industrial Land .005331
Primary Production Land .005331 Less 30% Rebate
Recreation Land .005331 Less 50% Rebate
Culture & Recreation Lands Act .002665
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