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Welcome to the Glenelg Shire Council


Sports & Recreation

The Glenelg Shire Recreation Services aims to provide access to quality sporting facilities, playgrounds, open space recreation areas and opportunities for a wide range of sport, recreation and leisure activities across the Shire.

The program includes assistance with club development, volunteer training opportunities and the Council's Community Grants Program Recreation category.

The Glenelg Shire's Recreation Coordinator is available to assist groups and clubs in development, planning and promotional activities. For more information please contact Rani Kane on 03 5522 2202 or by email.

For specific GSC Sport and Recreation information click the sites below:

Active Your Way Glenelg - like us on Facebook

GSC Recreation Services Active Your Way Facebook Page for clubs and the community to stay up to date with all things recreation and sport, visit and like our page for more information.

Sports Ground Allocations

Council uses the IMS Reserve Manager program for the administration and management of Recreation Users information, allocations and bookings.

Please click HERE to access Reserve Manager if you are a club or casual user.

If you require assistance with Reserve Manager please contact Rani Kane on 03 5522 2202 or by email

Corella Control Information

Each year Council receives many complaints from residents, sporting clubs, businesses and schools regarding Corellas. These complaints include requests for Council to take action on the issue and repair the damaged caused by the birds. In addition Council also receives complaints about the non-lethal and lethal actions employed to control the birds.

Council has developed a Corella Control Flyer to provide information and control methods which focus on decreasing the impact of Corellas on Council owned and managed infrastructure and assets.

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