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Council Election 2020

On Saturday 24 October 2020 Local Government elections will be held across Victoria. Local Council General Elections are held every four years.

We strongly encourage all eligible voters to vote this October. Voting is compulsory for State-enrolled Australian citizens aged 18 years or older.

The conduct of council elections is regulated by the Local Government Act 2020 and the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020.

The management of the election process is undertaken by the Victorian Electoral Commission on the Glenelg Shire Council's behalf. The Victorian Electoral Commission is preparing to deliver local council elections during the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Elections are to be conducted entirely by post – a safe and completely secret method of voting.

Please click the links below for more information from the VEC, Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and Local Government Victoria.

Candidate Training and Information (Mandatory)

The Victorian Government is providing training for individuals who wish to nominate as a candidate in the council elections.
The training will help you understand the role and responsibilities of being a councillor.

You will not be able to nominate as a candidate unless you have completed the training. This is a new requirement, introduced in the Local Government Act 2020.

This includes all serving or former councillors intending to nominate.

The session will also cover:
• Local Government legislation and council policies;
• Code of Conduct;
• Who is eligible to run for council;
• What councils are responsible for;
• The role and obligations of being a councillor;
• The role of the CEO and council staff;
• Confidentiality requirements.

Training Portal
To complete the training, visit the Local Government Victoria training portal.

You can complete training at your own pace, any time, 24 hours a day seven days a week. You must finish the training before you nominate.

Election Period

Council will enter the ‘election period’, which is the period between the last day of nominations (22 September 2020) and election day (Saturday 24 October 2020).

During the election period, Council:
• will not make significant policy decisions (i.e. that policy decisions that affect the community or unreasonably bind the incoming Council)
• will limit public consultation, public meetings and events;
• will not print, publish or distribute ‘electoral matter’ (material that is likely to affect voting).

As a result, you will notice that our communications will be much quieter than normal to ensure the fairness of the election.

For further information please visit the Know Your Council website.

Important election period dates are as follows:

17 September, 2020
Nominations open, 9am

22 September, 2020
Nominations close, 12 noon

6 October to 8 October
Mailing out of ballot packs

23 October, 2020
Close of voting, 6pm

13 November 2020
Results declaration completed

Glenelg Shire Council is comprised of seven Councillors elected in an unsubdivided municipal district.

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