Our region

Cape Nelson Lighthouse and Southern Ocean.jpg

Situated 350 km from Melbourne and bordering South Australia, Glenelg Shire spans more than 6,200 square kilometres, encompassing the vibrant communities of Portland, Heywood, Dartmoor, Casterton, Nelson, Cape Bridgewater, and their surrounding areas.  

Our picturesque region is celebrated for its diverse landscapes, showcasing the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape, vast stretches of pristine beaches, dramatic coastal cliffs, and expansive national parks.

Additionally, it hosts renowned events like the Australian Kelpie Muster, Upwelling Festival, Hooked on Portland, and the Heywood Wood Wine and Roses Festival. 

The Glenelg Shire offers a range of quality public and private school options, as well as affordable housing prices, making it the perfect location to grow and raise a family. 

Council stands as one of the largest employers in the region with a workforce of more than 370 people.

Our operations extend across more than 120 services, encompassing children's services, project management, parks and gardens maintenance, urban planning, event management, tourism, and various other offerings.