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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have any designated visitors berths?
Yes, we have multiple berths and pens available for visitors.  Please refer to Apply for a Berth for more information. 

What type of berths do you have available?
We have approx. 104 modern floating pontoon pens or berths.

What depth of water do you have within your Marina?
The Portland Bay Marina visitors’ berths have between 4.0-4.5 meters depth. Portland Bay Marina Plan

Is there power & water provided?
Yes, all berths are fully serviced with Power and water. There are no extra charges for these utilities.

Is fuel available?
Fuel is available by bunkering only. This can be arranged by calling the fuel provider. For more information contact the Port Officers on 03 5522 2140.

Do you have showers and amenities available?
Toilets are provided within the Maritime Discovery Centre and showers can be arranged.  For more information contact the Port Officers on 03 5522 2140.

What are you berthing rates?
Please refer to the current Fees and Charges Schedule.

Is there security within your Marina?
Yes, the Portland Bay Marina has constant CCTV and public access gates area closed between 4:00-5:00pm each day.

How do I get access to the berths?
The Portland Bay Marina operates with both access fobs and digital pin codes. Please contact the Local Port for contact details.

**If you have another query, relating to our Marina, Wharf or Jetty, please contact our Port Officers, on 03 5522 2140.