Food Premises Information

Before you complete an application please read these pages to understand your obligations and what you will be asked to provide.
You will need to:

  • Pay a Registration fee. We will usually advise you of this when you submit your form.
  • Submit a floor plan detailing the food preparation areas, food storage areas, cooking equipment (stove & mechanical exhaust system), dishwasher and sinks (hand and dish).

Class 1 and 2 Premises only

You will also need to:

  • Provide a copy of the current Food Safety Program for your business. This program will also require you to nominate a qualified Food Safety Supervisor.
  • Provide a copy of the nominated Food Safety Supervisor’s certificate.

Food Premises Classifications

All businesses, organisations, individuals and community groups selling food or drink in Victoria must be classified according to the highest level of risk their food handling activities pose and follow the Food Act 1984 safety regulations and requirements for your classification, regardless of the type of business or group you are.

View the different food classifications


Structural Requirements

All food premises are required to comply with the Food Standards Code. Council has developed the New Food Premises Information Pack(PDF, 695KB) to assist you with the necessary information to ensure that your food premises satisfies the legal requirements associated with running a food business.

Visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand for copy of the Food Standards Code. 

Home Kitchens and Labelling Guidelines

The preparation of food for sale to the public in domestic kitchens is permitted however, preparing food for sale differs from cooking for the family.

Before you can begin operating as a food premises you must;

  1. Register with Council to operate a food business from home.
  2. Refer to Council's Home Kitchen Guidelines(PDF, 451KB) for information and requirements on food registration with the Council.

Home Kitchens must also ensure that they abide by the correct labelling laws, the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code, to ensure customers can make informed choices when purchasing food. The Labelling Guidelines(PDF, 556KB) highlight a number of relevant labelling requirements.

Food Premises Change of Ownership

Due to changes of the Food Act on 1 July 2021, a food registration can no longer be transferred to a person/business purchasing a food premises. 

When purchasing an existing food business, the new proprietor must apply for a new Food Premises Registration using the form on this page and pay the relevant fee.

The person selling the food premises must contact Council's Environmental Health unit to advise that they are selling the business and to cancel their food registration.





Contact the Environmental Health Unit

Phone: 5522 2229