Personal Care and Body Art Businesses

Personal care and body art businesses must be registered with Council and comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

These businesses include;

  • Hairdressing
  • Application of cosmetics
  • Beauty therapy
  • Tattooing and piercing
  • Colonic irrigation
  • any others involving penetration of the skin as prescribed by the Regulations.

Before you complete an application to register, please read the information below to understand your obligations and required supporting information.


Hairdressing premises are required to apply for an "on-going" registration with Council. A link to the application form to register a new hairdressing business or to transfer an existing business can be found to the right.

A link for the guidelines and procedures that hairdressers should follow can be found below.

Hairdressing is classed as a low risk, as long as the hairdresser services only include:

  • Cutting hair with scissors or razors
  • Colouring and styling hair

On-going Registrations - When to contact Council

Proprietors of hairdressing with an ongoing registration are required to notify Council of changes to the registration when the following changes occur:

  1. Creating a new business
  2. Adding or removing services provided by the business
  3. Change of business premises location
  4. Sale of the business to transfer the business to a third party

These proprietors will make an application, accompanied by an on-going application fee, with council for the new on-going business premises registration. Councils will then issue these businesses with a new on-going certificate of registration. In the case of businesses that transfer to a third party, the on-going certificate of registration will be issued to the new business owner. 

Beauty Therapy & Personal Care

Beauty Therapists and Colonic Irrigation establishments within the Glenelg Shire are all required to be registered with the Council. These industries must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009.

Beauty Therapists who solely provide low risk beauty therapy services at their premises are able to apply for "on-going" registration. Low risk beauty therapy includes the application of the following:

  • Temporary make up
  • Henna tattoos
  • Spray tans
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

The Registered Premises Information Pack(PDF, 442KB) has been developed to assist you with the application process, in particular the structural and registration requirements associated with establishing a Health Premises business in the Glenelg Shire.

To register the premises with the Council, please complete an Application to Register or Renew Health premises Form found to the right of this page and submit it to the Council along with the following:

  • Registration fee
  • Detailed plans of the interior layout of the proposed premises in accordance to the Health guidelines
  • Cleansing and sanitising schedules and procedures that your premises plans to undertake


Body Art and Skin Penetration

Body Art includes tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, body piercing, branding, scarification, braiding, three-dimensional art such as beading or devil’s horns and any other process that decorates or adorns the body by means of implantation or the permanent marking of skin by means of injection, incision or heat.

These procedures involve a high risk of transmission of blood-borne viruses and bacterial infections that can be transmitted by unclean and non-sterile equipment and unhygienic procedures and premises. Every client and worker is at risk if proper infection procedures are not performed. Client’s skin should be clean and free of infection and all instruments used in skin penetration practices must be sterile at the time of use.

Body art establishments are required to be registered with the Council. For the guidelines and procedures that your body art establishment should follow, please read the Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries. The guidelines also cover:

  • Body piercing
  • Oral piercing
  • Tattooing.





Contact the Environmental Health Unit

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