Neighbouring Fences

If you plan to build or replace a fence along a shared boundary, you should discuss the matter with your neighbour or alternatively write them a letter.

If you do not know who owns your adjoining property, you can request the neighbouring Property Owners Details (Name and address only) by submitting a form to Council.

Please Note - When processing the request, we will need to confirm that the Applicant is one of the adjoining property owners, prior to disclosing any neighbouring property owner details

If you want to know property ownership details for reasons other than fencing, please refer to the Land Titles Office Website for more information.

Overhanging Trees

  • If a tree is overhanging a footpath or road, then please complete Service Request.
  • If a tree is overhanging your property from a neighbour’s property, please contact your neighbour directly, as this is not Council’s responsibility, unless advice is required to determine if the tree is a protected species.  To learn more about your rights and obligations visit the Disputes Settlement Victoria Site.

Fencing Act
There are various regulations, relating to boundary fences, for detailed information you can refer to the Fences Act 1968.

If you are experiencing a fencing dispute with your neighbours,  you can refer to the Fencing Page on the Dispute Settlement of Victoria website.


Request Property Owner Details (Fencing)

Step 1.Complete the Request for Property Ownership Details (Fences) Form

Please complete the  Request Property Owner Details Form

Please NOTE: By completing this form you are requesting adjoining ownership details for the purposes of erecting a fence on the boundary in accordance with the Fencing Act 1968 (Vic).

Step 2.What should you include? 

  • Your contact details
  • Address details relating to the neighbouring property/properties.

*If you are not the adjoining property owner and are submitting this form in your capacity as a Power Of Attorney or Executive Of Estate, a copy of the Power Of Attorney or Will documents must be provided to Council.  Please contact Customer Service for more information 1300 453 635.

Step 3.What information will be provided? 

  • Under section 14 of the Fences Act,  we can only provide the name and address of the owner.

The Process

Step 1.Confirmation of Receipt of Request

  • If you have provided an email address,  you will receive a confirmation noting the receipt of your request.

Step 2.
Confirmation of Ownership

  • Council will check and confirm that the applicant is the Owner of the property noted in the request. 
  • If you are not the property owner, we will not be able to process your request. 

*If you are applying as a Power of Attorney or Executor of an Estate, you will need to provide proof before Council can process the request.

Step 3.Adjoining/neighbouring Property Details

  • Upon confirmation of Property Ownership, we will forward the Name and Address (only) of the neighbouring property owner to you. 
  • We will only provide details if they are the purpose of erecting a fence on the boundary in accordance with the Fencing Act 1968 (Vic).

The following processing timelines apply:

  • Email (allow up to 48 hours processing time - during business days).
  • Post (allow 5-14 business days) .
  • Collect from Customer Service (our team will contact you to arrange collection).

If you need further information please contact our customer service team on 1300 453 635.

Your Privacy

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by the Glenelg Shire Council for municipal purposes as specified in the Local Government Act 2020. The Council will use this information only for the specific purpose of collection or for directly related purposes.

The information will not be disclosed except as required or specifically authorised by law. You may request access to any personal information that Council may have collected about you.

Also, you may request correction of your personal information if you can establish that it is not accurate or complete. Such requests should be directed to Council’s Privacy and Freedom of Information Officer via email or by telephone 03 5522 2305.