Governance, Transparency and Accountability

Governance is the overall process by which the Council ensures its decision making is transparent and accountable, and that its operation is democratic and well managed. We have numerous controls in place to provide for good governance and to ensure that members of the public can access, understand and participate in Council activities. 

Good governance in the public sector makes a significant contribution to improving people's lives. When local governments practice good governance, their communities are more connected and engaged, better services are provided, and more effective use is made of resources. In meeting the highest standards of public accountability, good governance produces better outcomes.

Good governance is highly valued by Glenelg Shire Councillors and the Council administration.

Council at its 23 January 2024 Council Meeting adopted its Governance Rules.(PDF, 759KB)

Giving effect to section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020, the purpose of the Governance Rules 2020 is to guide:

  • The conduct of Council meetings.
  • The conduct of meetings of delegated committees.
  • The form and availability of meeting records.
  • The election of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor.
  • The appointment of an Acting Mayor.
  • An election period policy.
  • The procedures for the disclosure of a conflict of interest by a Councillor or a member of a delegated committee.
  • The procedure for the disclosure of a conflict of interest by a Councillor.
  • The disclosure of a conflict of interest by a member of Council staff when providing information in respect of a matter.
  • Attending meetings virtually
  • Any other matters prescribed by the regulations.