Caravan Park Registrations

Whether they are in a small coastal town or near a big city, caravan parks are an iconic part of the Australian landscape. Right across Victoria, they provide short-term and long-term accommodation in self-contained cabins, powered sites and tent sites for campers. They may also provide affordable residential villages for permanent living.  

Caravan Parks are required to be registered with their Local Government Authority in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (the Act) and Residential Tenancies (Caravan Park & Movable Dwellings Registration & Standards) Regulations 2020 (the Regulations). 

The  Regulations outline: 

Fire prevention & emergency management. - Requiring caravan park owners to have up to date fire safety measures and emergency procedures. 

Emergency Management Planning. - Requirements to maintain an emergency management plan in consultation with relevant emergency services. . 

Amenities. - Requirements relating to provision and maintenance of water supplies, sewage systems, sanitary facilities, waste disposal and lighting.

Standards and maintenance requirements. - In relation to moveable dwellings, annexes and sites.

Caravan Park. - Registration obligations. 

Installation of Structures in Caravan Parks

The installation of rigid annexes and unregistrable movable dwellings requires the notification to Council's Environmental Health Unit via submission of a Notification of Installation of a Structure in a Caravan Park Form. This notification must be signed and submitted by the caravan park operator or owner.

Installations must comply with the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2020 and associated Australian Standards and building regulations.

Sale of Food

If food is provided or sold within the Caravan Park a food registration is also required from Council as a Food Premises.  For more information, go to the Food Premises Information or contact the Environmental Health Team.

New or Renewing Caravan Park Registrations

Caravan Park Registrations are valid for 3 years expiring on 31 December of the third year.

Applications to register or renew a caravan park registration should be emailed to Council’s Environmental Health Unit via 

Below is a list of documents required to accompany a Caravan Park application for registration or renewal.

Application Form
An application form must be completed with all relevant information prior to submitting it to Council’s Environmental Health Unit.
Caravan Park Applications

Site plan

The plan must clearly indicate: 
• Title boundary
• Caravan sites (long & short term) 
• Camp sites 
• Amenity buildings and facilities 
• Firefighting equipment 
• Roads & paths

Emergency Management Plan
Emergency Management Plan that has been updated when changes have occurred or prior to applying to renew the parks registration.
The preparation of an Emergency Management Plan includes a risk assessment of the caravan park, preventative measures and emergency procedures. 

Risk assessment is a process of identifying the potential emergency risks and understanding how they might affect a caravan park and how they would be addressed. Potential emergency risks can include bushfire, flooding, structure fire, gas leak or explosion, severe storms, and high winds.

Preventative measures are actions which eliminate or reduce the likelihood or the impact of an emergency. These may be one-off works or works that may need to be carried out regularly or seasonally.

Emergency procedures are instructions which set out what people need to do in the event of an emergency. They include actions to be undertaken by the caravan park owner in an emergency and those for park users.

The emergency procedures to be followed by the park occupants must be displayed in the office, and each communal amenities block. Good practice would also see them displayed in all cabins which are available for short term hire.

Fire Authority Report

Fire Rescue Victoria must inspect and audit fire safety measures in a caravan park and provide a report to the caravan park owner and the relevant local council.

The purposes and needs of caravan parks vary across the state – and therefore, so too do the fire safety risks and resources.

The application for inspection of caravan park form enables a caravan park owner to meet statutory responsibility when registering a caravan park or renewing registration of an existing caravan park with the relevant council. 

Link to page and application form -  Fire Rescue Victoria Caravan Park safety and request for inspection

Prescribed Fee

Caravan Park registration fees are prescribed within the Act and are classified below.  Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit for fee values. 
Caravan Park Registration Less than 25 sites
Caravan Park Registration 26 – 50 sites
Caravan Park Registration 51 – 100 Sites 
Caravan Park Registration 101 – 150 sites 
Caravan Park Registration 151 – 200 sites 

Transfer of Caravan Park Registration

A Caravan Park registration must be transferred to a new owner when the Park is sold. 

During the week of settlement, the current owner must notify Council of the transfer via submission of a ‘Notification of Transfer of a Caravan Park’ form. A copy of this completed form must be displayed in a prominent location within the Caravan Park office to advise the public of the proposed change in ownership. When lodging the form with Council, it must be accompanied by the following.

• Copy of the current registration certificate for the Caravan Park
• Payment of transfer fees

Once Council has granted the transfer of ownership a copy of the new registration certificate must be displayed in a prominent location in the office for a period of 30 days minimum.


Contact the Environmental Health Unit

Phone: 5522 2229