Glenelg Shire Animal Welfare Centre

The animal shelter

The Glenelg Shire Animal Welfare Centre provides a temporary home for lost, stray, surrendered and seized animals. Many of these animals will be returned to their owners. Importantly, the Centre helps to find new forever homes for animals in partnership with Warrnambool City Council.


The animals at the Centre are cared for by qualified and passionate staff.

What happens when we find a lost or stray animal?

Animals collected by our Officers or delivered to the Centre will be advertised on the Glenelg Shire Animal Welfare Centre Facebook page.


Officers will make every attempt to make contact with an animal’s owner. Please note that animals may be transferred to the Warrnambool facility for ongoing care if they are not collected within 72 hours.

See our current animals

Releasing your Animal and Payment

  • Your animal must be microchipped and registered to be released from the Centre.
  • If your animal is not microchipped or registered, please call us before attending the Centre.
  • All payments for release fees, microchipping and registration can be made either: 
  1. In Person: At any of our Customer Service Centres or,
  2. By Phone: 1300 453 635.
  3. By Eftpos: at the Glenelg Shire Animal Welfare Centre


Please note that the fees paid for your release are only release fees for your animal, not an infringement. After release, you should be aware that there may be infringements issues relating to breaches of the Domestic Animals Act, for example, failure to register your animal and dog at large.