Glenelg Shire Smart City

Watch this short video for an overview of the project which was fully funded by the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (formally DJPR). There are also some ideas on how you could get involved.


Map of the network

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How does it work ?

Glenelg Shire Council has installed a number of Gateways across the Shire. The range will vary but generally they have a radius of several kilometres.

For example there is a gateway at Island Park in Casterton which is connected to the Weather Station in the Casterton Depot.

Devices can be connected to this network which can communicate over long distances. These devices do not store any personal information. This network is known as Narrow Band meaning that it can't be used for video or pictures.

How can you get involved?

If you are in the range of a gateway you could buy or build your own device and connect to the network. The network itself is free to use.

Typical sensors can measure things like:

Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Door Sensors, Water Levels and Light. The devices can also interact with the physical environment such as letting more water into a trough when the level drops to a set point.

Some ideas for projects:

  • Your own mini weather station
  • Using a door sensor to see how often it opens
  • Monitor water levels in a remote trough
  • Get kids to build a soil moisture reader

What if I don't live in a place where the Glenelg Shire network reaches?

If project proves popular we will look to expand the Glenelg network but the beauty of this technology is that you could purchase your own gateway and join The Things Network or make it private so only you can access it.